Friday, June 14, 2013

General awareness Questions for GIC/RBI/IBPS PO/CLERK CWE III SET:-07

1. Recently Union Rural Development Minister Jairam Ramesh launched a placement linked skill development scheme in a bid to reach out to rural youth in Naxal-hit areas. What is the name of the scheme? Ans: Roshni
2. The book, Dard-E-Dil Likhun Kab Tak is a compilation of poems composed by ____? Ans: Rukhsar Amrohvi
3. Recently K Srikanth clinched the Thailand Open Badminton 2013 by defeating _____?  Ans: Boonsak Ponsana
4. Name the world’s tallest twisted tower, which was launched in Dubai Marina on 10 June 2013?  Ans: Infinity Tower
5. Recently Ramit Tandon in news. He is a ____player? Ans: Squash
6. The first 9.9 mega watt biomass project set up at village Khurawata of Mahendergarh district in which state? Ans: Haryana
7. Recently the Tourism Ministry has roped which Public Sector Unit to maintain cleanliness and hygiene at six tourist destinations across the country, as part of its Clean India campaign? Ans: ONGC
8. 7th Regional Pravasi Bhartiya Divas to be held in ______? Ans: Australia
9. Recently Indian National Defence University (INDU) is being set up at ___? Ans: Gurgaon
10. What is venue of ‘2018 CWG’? Ans: Australia
11. Recently Rami Hamdallah became New Prime Minister of ____? Ans: Palestine
12. Reserve Bank of India projected a GDP growth for 2013-14 at _____?  Ans: 5.7%
13. Recently Rafael Nadal win a record eighth French Open title. He defeated _____ in the final.  Ans: David Ferrer
14. Recently Kerala and Himachal Pradesh announced Cooperation in___?  Ans: Rural Development
15. Recently Raghav Joneja is in news. He is ____? Ans: Youngest Indian to scale the Mount Everest
16. India’s research station at the Antarctica, Himadri research station, is situated in which of the following countries? Ans: Norway
17. The Hyderabad high court has cleared the merger of which of the following two companies recently?
Ans : Mahindra Satyam and Tech Mahindra
18. Which of the following leading tyre manufacturers of India has announced the takeover of US based Cooper Tire for Rs 14,500 crore? Ans: Apollo tyres
19. The Decision Review System (DRS) is recently implemented in which of the following games? India is opposing this system. Ans: Cricket
20. The Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) has announced to withdraw which of the following services from Jul 15? Ans: Telegram
21. The Indian Air Force (IAF) has received which of the following heavy lift aircrafts which will provide it the world's most advanced humanitarian and strategic capabilities once the fleet becomes operational? Ans: C-17 Globemaster III
22.  The government has set a target of 80 per cent literacy rate to be achieved by _____with special emphasis on female education. Ans: 2017
23. The Empowered Group of Ministers (EGoM) on disinvestment has cleared 9.33 per cent stake sale of the trading giant MMTC through the Offer For Sale (OFS) route recently. What is the full form of MMTC? Ans: Minerals and Metals Trading Corporation
24. Who among the following has been sworn in as the new president of Kenya? Ans : Uhuru Kenyatta
25. Which of the following state/UT governments has launched a centralised emergency response system “Dial-100” to enable the police to reach a complainant within minutes?  Ans : Andhra Pradesh
26. The Conference on Sustainable Tourism of the United Nations World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO) began on April 12 in Ans: Hyderabad
27. Which of the following Internet giants will allow users to decide what happens to their data after they die or become inactive online? It is the first major company to deal with the sensitive issue. Ans. Google
28. Which of the following international organizations has come out with a multi-billion-dollar four-year plan aimed at bringing down poverty levels in seven low-income Indian states? Ans: World Bank
29. Which of the following state governments on April 11 launched a new scheme named “Amma Hstam” on the occasion of Ugadi festival to supply nine essential food items to the poor at a subsidized rate? Ans : Andhra Pradesh
30. With which country has India crossed the first milestone towards the development of the fifth generation
fighter aircraft (FGFA), completing the preliminary design?  Ans : Russia
31. Banking sector falls under which of the following sectors?  Ans : Service Sector
32. Name the British scientist who died on April 10.He was awarded a Nobel prize for his pioneering work in developing In vitro fertilisation (IVF) leading to the birth of the first test tube baby.  Ans :  Robert Edwards
33. Uruguay becomes the second Latin American country to allow gay marriage on April 11.The first was Ans :  Argentina
34. Which among the following is the largest economy of Europe?  Ans : S Germany
35. Zao Wou-ki, whose works routinely fetch millions of dollars at auction, has died on April 9 in Switzerland
aged 93.He was a legendary  Ans :  Painter
36. National Safe Motherhood Day is observed on which of the following days? Ans :  April 11
37. Bangladesh has opposed the process of constructing dams on two rivers — the Mawphu dam across river
Umiew and Myntdu dam across river Myntdu. These two dams are situated in  Ans:  Meghalaya
38. Which of the following stock exchange is all set to unveil India’s first debt trading platform? Ans :  NSE
39. Who among the following has took over as Managing Director and CEO of National Stock Exchange (NSE) in the first week of April? Ans:  Chitra Ramkrishna
40. Name the weightlifter who won silver in the 50kg boys’ category at Tashkent, Uzbekistan, giving India the first medal in the World Youth Weightlifting Championships on April 8. Ans : Jamjang Deru
41. Name the state government which has announced a special health care scheme named ‘Sneha Sparsh’ for
treatment of complicated diseases like liver transplant for 12 year -old children on April 10. Ans : Assam
42. With an aim to creating experts in public health, which of the following states will establish the country's first public health university in the state? Ans : Odisha
43. Name the French technology services company which was bought by Tata Consultancy Services for over 75
million euro (Rs 530 crore) in a deal aimed at giving India's largest software company an extra edge in the crucial European market. Ans : Alti SA
44. Japanese two-wheeler manufacturer Yamaha Motor has announced setting up of its fifth global research
and development (R & D) headquarters that would help develop low-cost models in future, in India at  Ans : Surajpur, UP
45. Pakistan on April 10 successfully test-fired nuclear-capable Hatf-IV ballistic missile with a range of Ans : 900km
46. Which of the following states has decided to start a new scheme called Mission Olympics-2020 for special
coaching to selected state’s players to represent the country in Olympics-2020 on April 10? Ans : MP
47. Recently, the UN Security Council has unanimously approved the first-ever "offensive" UN peacekeeping
brigade to battle rebels groups in which of the following countries?  Ans :  Democratic Republic of Congo
48. Summer Olympics 2016 will be organised in  Ans : Brazil
49. Which of the following is CAPART associated with? Ans : Rural development
50. In which of the following cities is the Bank of International Settlements (BIS) located? Ans : Basel

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