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1. Who has the sole right to mint coins in India?(1) RBI(2) MMTC(3) Government of India(4) SBI(5) Department of Post
2. Whose signature appears on coins?(1) President of India (2) RBI governor(3) Finance Secretary(4) RBI deputy governor(5) Coins do not bear the signature
3. Government of India withdrawn coins of denomination of 25 paise and below from circulation with effect from.....?(1) 30 July 2011(2) 30 June 2011(3) 30 June 2012(4) 30 June 2010(5) 1 June 2013
4. Who was appointed as the President of the Asian Development Bank (AD(B) by the Board of Governors at New Delhi on 27 April 2013?(1) Jim Yong Kim(2) Christine Legarde(3) Takehiko Nakao(4) Mario Draghi(5) None
5. To whom the world bank granted a concessional loan of $100 million for the implementation of low-income housing scheme?(1) HDFC(2) ICICI(3) SBI(4) RBI(5) National Housing bank
6. On 4 April 2013, K.H.Muniyappa, the Minister of State (Independent Charg(e) of the Ministry of Micro , Small and Medium Enterprises (MSM(E) given the statement. His statement does not include.....(1) MSME sector contribute 9% of GDP(2) It accounts for around 45% of the manufacturing output(3) It contributes 36% of total value of exports(4) The sector has been growing consistently above 10% for the last five years(5) The sector will be removed from the Priority Sector lending
7. Who was appointed as the chairman to suggest the measures for enhancing MSME exports recently?(1) Ratan TATA(2) Abhijith Sen(3) R.S.Gujral(4) Montek Singh Ahluwalia(5) Anand Sinha
8. The Indian Life Assurance Companies Act was the first statutory measure to regulate life business in India. It was passed in ......?(1) 1925(2) 1956(3) 1947(4) 1934(5) 1912
9. Union government put the export target of ...... billion for the current financial year 2013- 14?(1) $ 325(2) $ 360(3) $ 300.6(4) $ 450(5) $ 150
10. Under whose chairmanship, the Group of Ministers (GoM)was set up to make a law to provide for the independence of the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) and its functional autonomy?(1) Chidambaram(2) Ranjith Sinha(3) Alok Joshi(4) Bikram singh(5) S.A.Ibrahim
11. Union government on 17 April 2013 declared to enhance the installed capacity of renewable energy of 25,0000 MW to 55,000 MW by .......?(1) 2017(2) 2018(3) 2019(4) 2025(5) 2017
12. Which Indian origin writer received the inaugural Physics journalism Prize sponsored by the Institute of Physics(IOP) and the science and Technology Facilities Council in Washington?(1) Abdul kalam(2) Raja Ramanna (3) Anil Ananthaswamy (4) Kasturi Rangan(5) C.R.Rao
13. Which nation joined as a dialogue partner in the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO) on 26 April 2013?(1) India(2) USA (3) Turkey(4) UK(5) Israel
14. 45th session of the Indian Labour Conference concluded on 18 May 2013 at?(1) Mumbai(2) Kolkata(3) Pune(4) New Delhi(5) None
15. Factoring means?(1) business of buying trade debts at a discount and making a profit when debt is realized
(2) giving loans to factories by the commercial banks at concessional rates(3) banning the banks not to give loans to factories at lower rate of interest(4) buying of customers assets whenever he did default in the payment of money
(5) None
16. Track, Lane, Hurdles, Shot-put, Discuss Throw, Hammer Throw, Triple Jump, High Jump are the terms used in?(1) Chess(2) Volley Ball(3) Foot Ball(4) Cycling(5) Athletics
17. Youngest player to play an English County match is?(1) Hanuma Vihari(2) TM Srivastava(3) Phiillips Rod(4) Tim Mody(5) Matthew Fisher
18. The Present Statutory Liquidity Ratio (SLR) is?(1) 24%(2) 27%(3) 20%(4) 28%(5) 23%
19. Stagflation means?(1) Low inflation combined with high unemployment and slow economic growth(2) Persistent high inflation combined with high employment and fast economic growth(3) Low inflation combined with high employment rate and fast paced economic growth(4) Persistent high inflation combined with high unemployment and slow economic growth(5) None of above
20. Consider the following statements?
i) Roshni is the skill development scheme launched on 7 June 2013 by the ministry of Rural Development
ii) It aims to provide training and employment to youth in the 10-35 years age group
iii) It was launched in 24 Naxal-affected districts
iv) It is a 100-crore project and is funded by union and state governments, with the union providing 75% of the funding
Which of the above statements is/are correct?(1) ii iii(2) ii iv(3) i ii iii iv(4) ii(5) None
21. India's sixth commodity exchange which started its operations on 19 April 2013?(1) NSE(2) MCX(3) NMCE
(4) UCX (5) ACE
22. Construction of country's first fully private Greenfield airport commenced in?(1) Gaya (Bihar)(2) Pune (Maharashtra) (3) Karaikal (Puducherry)(4) Sivaganga (Tamilnadu)(5) Somnath (Gujarat)
23. Where is the head office of Insurance Regulatory Development Authority?(1) Kolkata(2) Mumba(3) Hyderabad(4) Chennai(5) Delhi
24. The correct statement is?(1) During the visit of Man Mohan singh in Thailand, a sapling of the sacred bodhi tree in Bodh Gaya given as a gift to Thailand king Bhumibol Adulyadej(2) $ 5.2 billion humanitarian fund will be given by UNO to Syria(3) World's largest concentrated solar power plant launched by UAE by name Shams I(4) From 1 April 2013, Myanmar allowed the circulation of private newspapers after 50 years(5) All of above
25. Pick the wrong combination?(1) Chief Election Commissioner- Satyendra Mishra(2) Chief of the Naval Staff-Admiral Devendra Kumar Joshi(3) Minister of Commerce and Industry- Anand Sharma(4) Chief Minister of Karnataka - Siddaramaiah(5) UPSC Chairman - D.P.Agarwal
26. Who was re-elected as the chairman of IBA(Indian Banks Association) for the 2013-14 tenure?(1) Chanda Kocchar(2) Urjith Patel(3) K.R.Kamath(4) Aravind Mayaram(5) None
27. On 13 June 2013, RBI slapped fine on new generation private banks. The main reason is for?(1) not opening of No Frill accounts for BPL families(2) not opening of ATM in onsite premises as promised by Finance minister in the budget(3) not issuing new currency notes to customers(4) giving of advertisements about personal loans in news papers(5) violating rules of KYC (Know Your Customer)
28. Leaf turns Yellow: the Sufis of Awadh released by Hamid Ansari. It was edited by?(1) Hashim Amir Ali(2) Muzaffar Ali (3) Gulam Nabi Azad(4) Taslima Nasreen(5) None
29.USSD stands for?(1) Unstructured Supplementary Service Data(2) Universal Supplementary Service Data
(3) Unstructured Standard Service Data(4) Unstructured Supplementary Service Dairy(5) Unstructured Supplementary Stolen Data
30. World Oceans day celebrated on?(1) 8 April(2) 8 May(3) 8 June(4) 8 February(5) 8 January
31. Pages stained with blood, Ramayana from Ganga to Brahmaputra, Melodies and Guns, The Moth-Eaten Howdah of the Tusker, The shadow of Kamakhya, The Man from Chinnamasta are the works of?(1) Indira Goswami(2) Nehru(3) Gandhi(4) Sarojini Naidu(5) Chetan Bhagath
32. In which country Bank of Baroda opened its 100th overseas branch on 28 March 2013?(1) USA(2) UK(3) South Africa(4) Dubai(5) Australia
33. Savings account become inoperative, if?(1) cash deposited in another branch not intimated to the parent branch
(2) amount withdrawn by ATM exceeds Rs.50,000(3) net banking done on 31st of the month(4) not operated at all during certain period as per the bank rules(5) None
34. Lakulish Yoga University is the first Yoga university in India, inaugurated on 23 May 2013 at?(1) Mumbai(2) Ahmadabad(3) New Delhi(4) Patna(5) Haridwar
35. Which global rating agency revised India's sovereign credit outlook from negative to stable on 12 June 2013?(1) S&P(2) CRISIL(3) Fitch(4) Moody(5) ICRA
36. 117th Constitutional Amendment bill relates to?(1) SC, ST reservation in promotions(2) Lokpal and Lokayukta
(3) Goods and services Tax(4) increase the retirement age of high court judges(5) change of the entry of Oriya Language to Odiya in the 8th Schedule of Constitution of India
37. Assom Ratna Award for the year 2012 conferred on?(1) Indira Goswami (known by her pen name Mamoni Raisom Goswami)(2) Surendranath Medhi (known by his pen name Saurav Kumar Chaliha)(3) Tarun Gogoi (Chief minister of Assam)(4) Janaki Ballav Patnaik (Governor of Assam)(5) Prafulla Kumar Mahanta (President of the Asom Gana Parishad)
38. The International Workshop on Green National Accounting held on 5 April 2013 at?(1) Mumbai(2) Kolkata(3) Kochi(4) Pune(5) New Delhi

39. RBI known as lender of last resort because: (1) It has to meet the credit need of citizens to whom no one else is willing to lend (2) Banks lend to go to RBI as a last resort (3) It comes to help banks in times of crisis (4) All of the above (5) None 
40. These days RBI uses Selective credit control measures rather infrequently because of: (1) Deregulation of functions (2) Autonomy given to banks (3) Comfortable liquidity (4) Reasonable inflation level (5) All the above 

Answers:- 1-3,  2-5,  3-2,  4-3,  5-5,  6-5,  7-3,  8-5,  9-1,  10-1, 11-1,  12-3,  13-3,  14-4,  15-1,  16-5,  17-5,  18-5,  19-4,  20-3 21-4,  22-3,  23-3,  24-5,  25-1,  26-3,  27-5,  28-2,  29-1,  30-3, 31-1,  32-4,  33-4,  34-2,  35-3,  36-1,  37-1,  38-5 39-3, 40-5

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