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Computer Awareness MCQ Part:- 2 for IBPS CWE (Q.51-Q.100)

51. Which of the following memory is volatile (A) RAM (B) ROM (C) EPROM (D) PROM
52. The memory which is programmed at the time it is manufactured is (A) ROM (B) RAM (C) PROM (D) EPROM
53. Which memory is non volatile and may be written only once. (A) RAM (B) EE-PROM (C) EPROM (D) PROM
54. Which of the following statements is wrong  (A) magnetic core memory, RAMs and ROMs have constant access time b . magnetic tape is non volatile (C) semiconductor memories are used as mass memory medium (D) An EPROM can be programmed, erased and reprogrammed by the user with an EPROM programming instrument
55. The fastest type of memory is  (A) tape (B) semiconductor memory (C) disk (D) bubble memory
56. In magnetic disks data is organized on the platter in a concentric sets or rings called (A) sector (B) track (C) head (D) block
57. When we move from the outer most track to the innermost track in a magnetic disk, the density
(A) increases (B) decreases (C) remains the same (D) either remains constant or decreases
58. Which of the following device can be used to directly input printed text (A) OCR (B) Mouse (C) MIC (D) Joystick
59. Which device can draw continuous lines (A) daisy wheel (B) plotter (C) chain printer (D) impact printer
60. In which storage device, recording is done by burning tiny pits on a circular disk (A) punched cards (B) floppy disk (C) magnetic tape (D) optical disk
61. Which of the following printers uses light beam and electro statically sensitive black powder
(A) dot matric printer (B) daisy wheel printer (C) chain printer (D) laser printer
62. The primary purpose of an operating system is
(A) to make the most efficient use of the computer hardware (B) to allow people to use the computer (C) to keep system programmers employed (D) to make computers fast.
63. The operating system manages (A) memory (B) processor (C) disk and I/O devices (D) all of the above
64. Scheduling is (A) allowing job to use the processor (B) unrelated performance considerations (C) quiet simple to implement, even on large main frames (D) the same regardless of the purpose of the system
65. Which of the following translator program converts assembly language program to object program (A) assembler (B) compiler (C) macroprocessor (D) linker
66. Multiprogramming systems
(A) are easier to develop than single programming systems (B) execute each job faster (C) execute more jobs in the same time period (D) use only one large mainframe computer
67. What device is used for entering x - y coordinates (A) card reader (B) joystick (C) keyboard (D) all of the above
68. Impact printers
(A) strike a ribbon against the paper to produce character images. (B) include ink-jet and thermal devices (C) are more expensive than laser printers (D) use optical technology
69. Bar codes stores information using (A) punched holes (B) dots (C) thick and thin tines (D) all of the above
70. How many types of storage loops exist in magnetic bubble memory (A) 8 (B) 4 (C) 3 (D) 2
71. In comparison to the internal (main) memory, tape or disk memory is
(A) slower and more expensive (B) slower and less expensive (C) faster and more expensive (D) faster and less expensive
72. One of the main features that distinguish microprocessor from microcomputers is
(A) words are usually larger in microprocessors (B) words are shorter in microprocessors (C) microprocessor doesnot contain I/O devices (D) computers are not fully integrated
73. microprocessor with 'n' address lines is capable of addressing
(A) 2n locations (B) 2(n + 1)locations (C) 2n locations (D) n2 locations
74. Which technique is preferable for transferring a large amount of data to and from a memory in a short time
(A) DMA (B) Interrupt driven I/O (C) programmed I/O (D) None of these
75. A(n) ____________ system is a small, wireless handheld computer that scans an item’s tag and pulls up the current price (and any special offers) as you shop. (A) PSS (B) POS (C) inventory (D) data mining
76. The binary representation 100110 is numerically equivalent to (A) the decimal representation 46 (B) the octal representation 46 (C) the hexadecimal representation 46 (D) the binary representation 26
77. Surgeons can perform delicate operations by manipulating devices through computers instead of manually. This technology is known as: (A) robotics. (B) computer forensics. (C) simulation. (D) forecasting.
78. The greatest negative number which can be stored in a computer that has 8-bit word length and uses 2's complement arithmetic is (A) -256 (B) -255 (C) -128 (D) -127
79. By taking 2's complement again of the 2's complement of a binary, one gets (A) the 1's complement (B) the 2's complement (C) the original number (D) the sign magnitude form of the numbers
80. ____________ are specially designed computer chips that reside inside other devices, such as your car or your electronic thermostat.  (A) Servers (B) Embedded computers (C) Robotic computers  (D) Mainframes
81. In the sign magnitude representation, the leading bit (A) is a part of the number itself (B) is unit for positive numbers (C) is always unit (D) stands for the sign
82. The steps and tasks needed to process data, such as responses to questions or clicking an icon, are called:
(A) instructions. (B) the operating system. (C) application software. (D) the system unit.
83. The OSI reference model defines the function for seven layers of protocols (A) including the user and communication medium. (B) not including the user or communication medium (C) including the communication medium but not the user (D) including the user but not the communication medium
84. The OSI reference model is (A) worthless (B) a protocol (C) not a protocol (D) None of these
85. A data packet is a packet header together with (A) a network layer (B) an administrative layer (C) user data (D) a packet switch
86. The application layer of the OSI model is the (A) seventh layer (B) sixth layer (C) fifth layer (D) fourth layer
87. Working of the WAN generally involves (A) satellite (B) frame delay (C) ATM (D) user agent
88. Which of the following technique provides dedicated communication channel between two stations.
(A) switch network (B) circuit switching (C) packet switching (D) none of these
89. End-to-end connectivity is provided from hosttohost in (A) network layer (B) session layer (C) data link layer (D) transport layer
90. Base band is
(A) transmission of signals without modulation (B) a signal all of whose energy is contained within a finite frequency range.
(C) the simultaneous transmission of data to a number of stations (D) all of the above
91. The simultaneous transmission of data to a number of stations is known as (A) broad cast (B) bandwidth (C) Aloha (D) analog transmission
92. The communication mode that supports data in both directions (A) simplex (B) half duplex (C) duplex (D) multiplex
93. Modulation is the process of (A) sending a file from one computer to another computer (B) converting digital signals to analog signals (C) converting analog signals to digital signals (D) echoing every character that is received
94. A distributed network configuration in which all data/information pass through a central computer is
(A) bus network (B) star network (C) duplex (D) multiplex
95. To connect a computer with a device in the same room, you might be likely to use (A) a coaxial cable (B) a dedicated time (C) a ground station (D) all of the above
96. Administrative supervision of database activities is the responsibility of the (A) data base administrator (B) DP Manager (C) DB Manager (D) VP-DP administrator
97. Which of the following component of a computer system is the most important to a data base management system
(A) mouse (B) high resolution video display (C) printer (D) high speed, large capacity disk
98. What is the serious problem(s) of file management systems (A) data redundancy (B) difficult to update (C) program dependence (D) All of the above
99. Which of the following contains complete record of all activity that affected the contents of a database during a certain period of time (A) master file (B) transaction file (C) report (D) query file
100. In a database, related fields are grouped to form (A) record (B) file (C) bank (D) field group

51. a 52. a 53. d 54. c 55. B 56. b 57. a 58. a 59. b 60. d 61. d 62. a 63. d 64. a 65. b 66. C 67. b 68. a 69. c 70. d 71. b 72. c 73. c 74. a  75. A  76. b 77. A  78. c 79. c  80. B  81. d  82. A  83. b 84. c 85. c 86. a 87. a 88. B 89. d 90. a 91. a 92. b 93. b 94. b 95. a 96. a 97. d 98. d 99. B 100. a

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