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General awareness Questions for GIC/RBI/IBPS PO/CLERK CWE III SET:-019

Q. 1 Name the Telugu writer who was selected for the prestigious Jnanpith award for the year 2012.1) R Ananthamurthy 2) Dr Ravuri Bharadwaja3) Jayakanthan 4) JM Sali5) None of these
Q. 2 The recent CAG reports point out several performances and financial anomalies in Kol Dham Hydro Electric Power Project. The project belongs to1) Jammu & Kashmir 2) Uttarakhand3) Himachal Pradesh 4) Meghalaya5) None of these
Q. 3 As per the data released by the Ministry of Rural Development recently, job generation under the MNREGA scheme has _______ over the years.1) increased 2) declined3) remained constant 4) mixed trend5) None of these
Q. 4 Which of the following statements is/are not correct about National Population Register (NPR)?
1) It is a project of home ministry. 2) It is a substitute for Aadhar (UID).3) It collects identity through three biometrics photographs, fingerprints and iris impression.4) All the residents above five years of age have to be enrolled mandatorily. 5) It will be used for identification and providing target groups access to government schemes and social sector benefits.
Q. 5 Name the player who became the first bowler to take three hat-tricks in the Indian Premier League (IPL). 1) Yuvraj Singh 2) Rohit Sharma 3) Amit Mishra 4) Praveen Kumar5) None of these
Q. 6 Indian cinema will complete its journey of 100 years on May 3 this year. India's first silent feature film "Raja Harishchandra" was screened on May 3, 1913 at 1) Coronation Theatre 2) Majestic Cinema 3) Prabhat Studios 4) Bombay Talkies 5) Wadia Movietone
Q. 7 Rohinton Nariman, who resigned from his post recently, was the 1) Advocate General of Delhi 2) Solicitor General of India 3) Attorney General of India 4) Assistant Solicitor General of India 5) None of these
Q. 8 For the first time since 2006, Spain crashed out of the first round of the Davis Cup recently. Which of the following countries has defeated Spain in the world group tie? 1) Sweden 2) France 3) Canada 4) Japan 5) None of these
Q. 9 Although the Union Cabinet approved a proposal for FDI in insurance to 49 per cent. The current percentage of FDI in India 1) 0 per cent 2) 26 per cent 3) 74 per cent 4) 49 per cent 5) None of these
Q. 10 Name the only women chief election commissioner of India, who died on April 17 1) Rama Devi 2) Leela Seth 3) Fathima Beevi 4) Anna Chandy 5) None of these
Q. 11 Which of the following politicians of India has been named by Time magazine among the 100 most influential people in the world in its annual list of global achievers? 1) Pranab Mukherjee 2) P Chidambaram 3) Jairam Ramesh 4) Sushma Swaraj 5) Manmohan Singh
Q. 12 Name the woman officer who was appointed Special Director General of the country's largest paramilitary force CRPF on April 18. This is the first time a woman officer is occupying the second top post in the hierarchy of the force. 1) Kiran Bedi 2) Nisha Priya Bhatia 3) Anjali Gupta 4) Aruna Bahuguna 5) None of these
Q. 13 Which of the following state’s Rural Management and Development Department has bagged the prestigious Prime Minister's Award for Excellence in Public Administration for 2011-12? 1) MP 2) Sikkim 3) Bihar 4) Assam 5) Guajarat
Q. 14 The Olympic gold medalist, Britain's Chris Hoy has announced his retirement from the sport on April 19. He was associated with the- 1) Hockey 2) Swimming 3) Cycling 4) Shooting 5) Weightlifting
Q. 15 Union Cabinet on April 18 approved the proposal to increase dearness allowance (DA) to 80 per cent,
benefiting about 50 lakh employees and 30 lakh pensioners of the central government. Earlier, it was 1) 50 per cent 2) 68 per cent 3) 72 per cent 4) 78 per cent 5) None of these
Q. 16 According to United Nations report, Indian economy is likely to grow in 2013 at 1) 5 per cent 2) 5.5 per cent 3) 6.2 per cent 4) 6.4 per cent 5) 8 per cent
Q. 17 The Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs approved allocation of enhanced funds to the tune of Rs 12,000 crore as a special plan under the Backward Region Grant Fund for the 12th five year plan (2012-13 to 2016-17) against Rs 5,600 crore in the previous plan for 1) UP 2) Bihar 3) MP 4) Jharkhand 5) None of these
Q. 18 What is the limit of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) at present in private banks in India? 1) 26% 2) 49% 3) 100% 4) 74% 5) None of these
Q. 19 P V Sindhu is associated with which of the following games? 1) Tennis 2) Badminton 3) Golf 4) Shooting 5) Wrestling
Q. 20 World Heritage day is observed on 1) 18 April 2) 19 April 3) 22 April 4) 27 April 5) None of these
Q. 21 The is a situation of a political storm in India over the leakage of report that Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and Finance Minister P Chidambaram get a clean chit in the draft JPC report on 2G scam. The panel is chaired by who amongst the following? 1) Yashwant Sinha 2) PC Chacko 3) J P Agarwal 4) Murli Manohar Joshi 5) None of these
Q. 22 Who amongst the following has written the book titled ‘Samudra Manthan: Sino-Indian Rivalry In The Indo- Pacific’? 1) Ira Pande 2) C Raja Mohan 3) Sunil Janah 4) Amish Tripathy 5) None of these
Q. 23 Which of the following Indian cities, after a long gap of 25 years, will host the four-day 44th World Trade
Centre General Assembly? The event will see over 300 global experts, policymakers, industrialists and marketing gurus. 1) Mumbai 2) New Delhi 3) Kolkata 4) Bangalore 5) None of these
Q. 24 The veteran cricketer Mike Denness passed away recently. He belonged to which of the following countries? 1) South Africa 2) New Zealand 3) Australia 4) England 5) None of these
Q. 25 Ahead of his 40th birthday, the wax statue of Sachin Tendulkar has been unveiled at which of the following cricket grounds recently? 1) Lords 2) Eden Gardens 3) Sydney 4) The Oval 5) Melbourne
Q. 26 A Sivathanu Pillai has been given the Padma Bhushan award by President Pranab Mukherjee recently. The distinguished scientist is the chief of which of the following programmes? 1) Integrated Guided Missile Development Programme 2) BrahMos Aerospace 3) Agni-V 4) K-15 5) None of these
Q. 27 For the effective implementation of policies and programmes chartered out in the 12th Five Year Plan, planning commission has come with a new initiative, IBIN. What is the full form of the same? 1) India Backbone Initiative Network 2) India Broader Implementation Network 3) India Backbone Implementation Network 4) India Broad-based Implementation Norms 5) None of these
Q. 28 Which of the following state governments has decided to expand the network of web enabled Online Treasury Information System in the State to seven more districts in addition to existing two districts? 1) Haryana 2) Punjab 3) Andhra Pradesh 4) Madhya Pradesh 5) None of these
Q. 29 Indian shuttler PV Sindhu defeated who amongst the following to storm into the last-eight stage in the women’s singles category in Badminton Asia Championships at Taipei recently? 1) Eriko Hirose 2) Shixian Wang 3) Juliane SCHENK 4) LI Xuerui 5) None of these
Q. 30 Name the country which has launched a bio-satellite packed with an array of mice and other small creatures aboard its famed Soyuz rocket recently? This is an effort to study the effects of long flights on living organisms. 1) China 2) US 3) France 4) Russia 5) None of these
Q. 31 The International Mother Earth Day is observed on which of the following dates? 1) April 20 2) April 21 3) April 22 4) April 23 5) None of these
Q. 32 Ms Shakuntala Devi passed away recently at a Bangaluru hospital following respiratory problems. She was a distinguished ______. 1) Mathematical genius 2) Sitar Maestro 3) Classical Dancer 4) Social Activist 5) None of these
Q. 33 Name the Chinese province which was hit by a powerful earthquake recently. The authorities are continuing a massive rescue operation after the earthquake killed at least 188 people and left more than 11,000 others injured. 1) Yunnan 2) Sichuan 3) Guangdong 4) Shandong 5) Zhejiang
Q. 34 About 185 people were killed and several others wounded during fierce clashes between the Boko Haram militants and the state military. These militants are active in which of the following countries? 1) Cameroon 2) Benin 3) Ghana 4) Nigeria 5) None of these
Q. 35 Which of the following statements is/are correct with respect of European Union’s (EU) latest stand on Syria? 1) The EU foreign ministers met in Luxembourg to discuss issues related to easing the oil embargo against Syria to help the rebel opposition. 2) The 27-nation bloc had slapped a ban on investments in Syrian oil in September 2011, followed by a ban on imports of oil in December. 3) Exports of crude provided up to one third of Syria’s revenues and EU used to buy nearly 95 percent of the Syrian crude. 4) All the above 5) None of these
Q. 36 The five-day event, 8th World Chambers of Congress, is being held in which of the following cities? This is the year’s biggest international gathering of chamber and business leaders being held for the first time in the West Asia. 1) Abu Dhabi 2) Qatar 3) Muscat 4) Manama 5) None of these
Q. 37 Who amongst the following has won the Monte Carlo Masters men’s singles title recently? 1) Novak Djokovic 2) Rafael Nadal 3) Andy Murray 4) Roger Federer 5) None of these
Q. 38 Who amongst the following has won the women’s race of the London Marathon held recently amid tight security arrangements? 1) Priscah Jeptoo 2) Atsede Baysa 3) Yukiko Akaba 4) Edna Kiplagat 5) None of these
Q. 39 Cheteshwar Pujara is the only Indian batsman to figure in the ICC’s latest Test rankings retaining number seven position. Who amongst the following holds the top position amongst the batsmen? 1) AB de Villiers 2) Shivnarine Chanderpaul 3) Hashim Amla 4) KC Sangakkara 5) None of these
Q. 40 Name the veteran politician and parliamentarian who has been elected unopposed as the new President of Bangladesh? 1) Kazi Rakibuddin Ahmad 2) Abdul Hamid 3) Fakhruddin Ahmed 4) Muhammad Yunus 5) None of these
Q. 41 The Ministry of Home Affairs has decided to provide Z-category security to which of the following Indian industrialists recently? 1) Ratan Tata 2) Mukesh Ambani 3) Anil Ambani 4) Navin Jindal 5) None of these
Q. 42 Name the Nigerian President who has set up a committee to investigate the possibility of granting a general amnesty to militants from the group known as Boko Haram. 1) Bola Ahmed Tinubu 2) Goodluck Jonathan 3) Umaru Musa 4) Muhammadu Buhari 5) None of these
Q. 43 Who amongst the following has won the men’s section of London Marathon held recently? 1) Feyisa Lilesa 2) Ayele Abshero 3) Emmanuel Mutai 4) Tsegaye Kebede 5) None of these
Q. 44 Which of the following countries has topped the list of countries receiving remittances according to the latest edition of the World Bank’s Migration and Development Brief? 1) Nigeria 2) Mexico 3) Philippines 4) China 5) India
Q. 45 Which of the following Indian automakers has been conferred with the prestigious ‘Indian Multinational of the Year’ award at the AIMA Managing India Awards 2013? 1) Tata Motors 2) Mahindra and Mahindra Ltd 3) Hero Moto Corp 4) Bajaj Auto Ltd 5) None of these
Q. 46 Consider the following statements with respect to Jagdish Saran Verma, who passed away recently, and choose the correct sentence(s):1) He served as the 27th Chief Justice of India. 2) He headed the three member committee to suggest improvement in criminal law to tackle crime against women. 3) He was the first chairperson of the News Broadcasting Standards Authority. 4) All the above 5) Only 1) and 2)
Q. 47 Lalgudi Jayaraman, who passed away recently, was a legendary 1) violinist 2) guitarist 3) flute player 4) tabla palyer 5) None of these
Q. 48 Name the person who has been appointed as the vice-chairman of the International Chamber of Commerce (CCI) recently? 1) Ratan Tata 2) Anil Agrawal 3) Sunil Bharti Mittal 4) Ravi Ruia 5) None of these
Q. 49 National Panchayati Raj Diwas is observed on which of the following dates to mark the passing of the Constitution (73rd Amendment) Act, 1992, which institutionalised Panchayati Raj. 1) April 21 2) April 22 3) April 23 4) April 24 5) None of these
Q. 50 The name of PV Sandhu is associated with which of the following games? 1) Cricket 2) Tennis 3) Badminton 4) Billiards 5) None of these

Answers :- 1) 2 2) 3 3) 2 4) 2 5) 3 6) 1 7) 2 8) 3 9) 2 10) 1 11) 2 12) 4 13) 214) 315) 316) 417) 218) 419) 220) 121) 222) 223) 124) 425) 326) 227) 328) 129) 230) 431) 332) 133) 234) 435) 436) 237) 138) 139) 340) 241) 242) 243) 444) 545) 146) 447) 148) 349) 4 50) 3

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