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General awareness Questions for GIC/RBI/IBPS PO/CLERK CWE III SET:-018

Q. 1 Name the new 5500 horse power state-of-the-art freight train engine, designed by Research Designs and Standards Organisation (RDSO), Lucknow, and manufactured by Diesel Locomotive Works, Varanasi, which is the most powerful engine till date and will be inducted in Indian Rail soon. 1) Arjun  2) Bhim 3) Angad  4) Virat 5) None of these 
Q. 2 Which of the following films won the best film award in recently concluded Mumbai Film Festival in newly introduced ‘India Gold’ category for Indian feature films? 1) Shahid  2) Chariots of Fire’ 3) Aqui Y Alla  4) Miss Lowly 5) None of these 
Q. 3 Name the leading gold financing company of the country which has been given Golden Peacock Award for ‘Excellence in Corporate Governance’ for the year 2012 in London. 1) Muthoot Fincorp  2) Muthoot Finance Ltd 3) Manappuram Finance  4) HDFC Gold Loan 5) None of these 
Q. 4 Name the ace driver of Red Bull team of Formula One race who recently won second edition of Indian Grand Prix. 1) Sebastian Vettel  2) Michael Schumacher 3) Mark Webber  4) Fernando Alonso 5) None of these 
Q. 5 Which of the following Formula One team had decided to continue sporting the Italian navy’s flag on their cars in support of their two marines charged with homicide in Kerala? 1) Scuderia Ferrari  2) Red Bull Racing 3) McLaren  4) Lotus 5) None of these 
Q. 6 Name the Magsaysay Award winner and member of National Advisory Council who has been appointed as the chairman of Institute of Rural Management, Anand (IRMA). 1) Deep Joshi  2) Dr Yogendra K Alagh 3) Prof. G S Gupta  4) I C Srivastava 5) None of these 
Q. 7 India and Spain inked five pacts during the visit of Spanish king who was on a four-day visit to India accompanied by a business delegation. Name the king. 1) Jigme Khesar Namgyel Wangchuck  2) Akihito
3) Juan Carlos I  4) Lee Myung-bak 5) None of these 
Q. 8 Norway’s telecom company Telenor which ended its partnership with Unitech, has now partnered with which of the following companies to form a new joint venture? 1) Sun Pharma  2) Lakshdeep Investment and Finance 3) Sun TV Network  4) Weizmann Forex 5) None of these 
Q. 9 Which of the following Indian actresses launched her latest international single In My City? 1) Kareena Kapoor  2) Priyanka Chopra 3) Ishita Arun  4) Sridevi 5) None of these 
Q. 10 Jaspal Bhatti passed away recently in a road accident. He was a famous 1) singer  2) movie critic 3) composer  4) satirist 5) None of these 
Q. 11 Name the person who is all set to become party head of the Chinese Communist Party and will replace Hu Jintao as the president next year. 1) Zhang Dejiang  2) Xi Jinping 3) Yu Zhengsheng  4) Li Keqiang 5) None of these 
Q. 12 Name the late presenter of BBC who has been alleged to sexually abuse several people during his career which has shaken the broadcaster. 1) Jimmy Savile  2) George Entwistle 3) Peter Rippon  4) Mark Thompson 5) None of these 
Q. 13 Who recently won the French Open Super Series women’s singles in Paris defeating Saina Nehwal of India? 1) Ratchanok Inthanon  2) Li Han 3) Sapsiree Taerattanachai  4) Minatsu Mitani 5) None of these 
Q. 14 Name the hurricane which hit the US East Coast recently causing extensive destruction overnight in which several people have been reported dead and millions left without electricity. 1) Camille  2) Sandy 3) Alma  4) Donna 5) None of these 
Q. 15 Recently DMRC has been awarded with which of the following awards? 1) Golden Peacock Award for Corporate Governance  2) Golden Peacock Award for Climate Security 3) Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) President Award  4) Golden Peacock Award for Corporate Social Responsibility 5) Japanese award for Most Innovative Development Project 
Q. 16 The Union government has asked all mobile operators offering smartphone services of which of the following companies to implement the interception solution by December 31 to enable security agencies to check misuse of the encrypted service? 1) Apple  2) Google 3) Microsoft  4) BlackBerry 5) None of these 
Q. 17 Reliance Industries owned Infotel Broadband Services Ltd is all set to launch its fourth generation technology based broadband services in which of the following cities? 1) Delhi, Mumbai and Kolkata  2) Delhi, Mumbai and Jamnagar 3) Delhi, Mumbai and Chennai  4) Delhi, Mumbai and Ahmedabad 5) None of these 
Q. 18 The line asserted by the US as the international border between Pakistan and Afghanistan has triggered a fresh war of words between the two neighbours. Which of the following lines separates these two nations? 1) Redcliff Line  2) McMohan Line 3) Durand Line  4) Maginot Line 5) None of these
Q. 19 Name the former Premier of Italy whom a court of the country has convicted of tax fraud and sentenced him to four years in prison. 1) Lamberto Dini  2) Massimo D'Alema 3) Romano Prodi  4) Silvio Berlusconi 5) None of these 
Q. 20 ICC recently gave its seal of approval to which of the following new format of test matches announcing new playing conditions for Tests, ODIs and T20 Internationals? 1) Day-night Test matches  2) Three day Test matches 3) Limited over Test matches  4) Four day Test matches 5) None of these
Q. 21 Which of the following world’s two leading English language publishing houses has announced to merge recently? 1) Penguin-Ransom  2) Penguin-HarperCollins 3) Ransom-HarperCollins  4) Penguin-Elsevier 5) None of these 
Q. 22 Who is the writer of the recently published book Return to India? 1) Javid Chaudhury  2) Arvind Verma 3) R Nagraj  4) Shoba Narayan 5) None of these
Q. 23 After the recent cabinet reshuffle who has assumed the charge of the Railway Ministry which has returned to Congress party after 17 years? 1) C P Joshi  2) Pawan Kumar Bansal 3) S Jaipal Reddy  4) Jitendra Singh 5) None of these 
Q. 24 Union government has recently approved Reliance Industries to further develop its which of the following largest oil and gas producing block? 1) Panna-Mukta oilfield  2) Mangala Area 3) KG-D6  4) Tapti fields 5) None of these
Q. 25 Home Ministry has recently cleared the India-Pakistan cricket series. This series will be played between the two teams in December-January in 1) India  2) Pakistan 3) both the countries  4) a third country to be decided later 5) None of these 
Q. 26 In its second quarter review of the monetary policy, RBI cut the cash reserve ratio (CRR) by 25 basis points to fix it at 1) 4.25 per cent  2) 4.50 per cent 3) 4.75 per cent  4) 4.00 per cent 5) None of these 
Q. 27 Haldia port has been in news in recent days. Which of the following statements is/are correct regarding its present crisis? 1) Cargo handling company at the port, HPT wrote KoPT seeking more cargo allocation as it was suffering losses due to lack of cargo.  2) After KoPT not committing more cargo, HPT laid off 275 workers following which workers launched an agitation against HPT. 3) TMC MP Suvendu Adhikari who is taking up cause of laid off workers is said to own port’s only other cargo firm.  4) All the above are correct 5) None of the above is correct 
Q. 28 It has been decided to invite Sultan of Oman as the chief guest for the Republic Day parade next year. Name the Sultan of Oman. 1) Tunku Mahmud  2) Sultan Ahmed bin Sulayem 3) Qaboos bin Said Al Said  4) Hassanal Bolkiah 5) None of these 
Q. 29 Which of the following cyclones hit Tamil Nadu coast recently bringing heavy rainfall and strong winds? 1) Nilam  2) Onil 3) Laila  4) Agni 5) None of these 
Q. 30 High court in Rwanda sentenced the leading opposition leader Victoire Ingabire to eight years in prison recently. She has been accused of 1) conspiring to harm the country through war and terror.  2) minimising the 1994 genocide that tore the nation apart. 3) trying to mend the constitution of the country in favour of Hutus.  4) Only 1) and 2) 5) Only 1) and 3)
Q. 31 Which of the following companies is all set to buy filmmaker George Lucas’s Lucasfilm Ltd and its ‘Star Wars’ franchise for $4.05 billion with a promise to release a new film of the series in 2015? 1) Warner Brothers  2) 20th Century Fox 3) Walt Disney  4) Sony Motion Pictures 5) None of these
Q. 32 The board of directors of IDBI Bank has approved the merger of which of the following corporations with the bank which is subject to regulatory and shareholders’ approval? 1) Stock Holding Corporation of India Limited  2) Unit Trust of India 3) Sharekhan Limited  4) India Infoline Limited 5) None of these 
Q. 33 What is India’s current rank according to the fifth edition of the Financial Development Report of World Economic Forum released recently? 1) 40th  2) 36th 3) 32nd  4) 30th 5) None of these
Q. 34 Which of the following Indian players will get Polly Umrigar Award at the BCCI Annual Award ceremony in which Sachin Tendulkar will be awarded for his 100th international century? 1) R Ashwin  2) M S Dhoni 3) Gautam Gambhir  4) Virat Kohli 5) None of these 
Q. 35 Which of the following Japanese broking firm has been fined with record $2.5 million in the wake of an insider trading scandal? 1) Daiwa  2) Nomura 3) Yamaichi  4) Nikko 5) None of these
Q. 36 Taking in account a commercial bank, which of the following cannot be the source of its borrowing?
1) Capital  2) Cash reserves with RBI 3) Call Money  4) Fixed deposits by customers 5) None of these
Q. 37 With which of the following cards the risk is highest for the issuing banks? 1) Dabit Cards  2) Credit Cards 3) ATM Cards  4) Travel Cards 5) All the above 
Q. 38 Name the noted poet and filmmaker who received the 27th Indira Gandhi award for national integration from Congress president Sonia Gandhi on the death anniversary of the late Prime Minister. 1) Javed Akhtar  2) Gulzar 3) Vikram Seth  4) Charanjeet Makar 5) None of these 
Q. 39 Which of the following is a snooker player who represents/represented India in international events? 1) Geet Sethi  2) Pankaj Advani 3) Vikram Seth  4) Subhash Agarwal 5) All the above
Q. 40 Who among the following is Cabinet Secretary of Government of India at present? 1) Ajit Kumar Seth  2) Upendra Tripathi 3) L. C. Goyal  4) Alok Rawat 5) None of these 
Q. 41 Which of the following states started a week-long festival named ‘Rajyotsava’ recently to mark the 12th year of its formation? 1) Uttarakhand  2) Chhattisgarh 3) Jharkhand  4) Delhi 5) None of these
Q. 42 The Supreme Court of India started hearing against the election of Pranab Mukherjee as President on the petition of which of the following persons? 1) Ram Jethmalani  2) Rajnath Singh 3) P A Sangma  4) Agatha Sangma 5) None of these
Q. 43 Which of the following terms is not used in the game of cricket? 1) Leg bye  2) Kidney Punch 3) Overthrow  4) Timed out 5) None of these 
Q. 44 Under the Legal Metrology Amendment Rules 2012 the Union Government has made it mandatory for a manufacturer to pack items in 1) any size  2) in small sizes only 3) in big sizes only  4) prescribed standard sizes only 5) None of these 
Q. 45 The first ever ‘World Economic Forum on India’ to be organized in Gurgaon will be participated by
1) Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper and former British premier Gordon Brown  2) Federal Minister of Pakistan Farzana Raja and former cricketer Imran Khan 3) Only 1)  4) Only 2) 5) Both 1) and 2)
Q. 46 Which of the following is a film directed by late Yash Chopra, the last film directed by him? 1) Ek Tha Tiger  2) Dhoom 3 3) Jab Tak Hai Jaan  4) Veer-Zaara 5) None of these 
Q. 47 Which of the following is the rate at which the domestic currency can be converted into foreign currency and also the vice-versa? 1) Base rate  2) Exchange rate 3) Repo rate  4) Inter-bank call money 5) None of these 
Q. 48 Travel solution provider major Thomas Cook (India) has partnered with which of the following companies to provide travel card? 1) Visa Card  2) National Payment Corporation of India (RuPay) 3) MasterCard Worldwide  4) OneDebit 5) None of these 
Q. 49 Which of the following companies has become the latest entrant in the Indian smartphone market which is the world’s second largest personal computer manufacturer? 1) Acer  2) Lenovo 3) Hewlett-Packard  4) HTC 5) None of these 
Q. 50 The 9th summit of 48-member Asia-Europe meeting will be held at which of the following places in which External Affairs Minister Salman Khurshid will participate? 1) Berlin  2) Perth 3) Dhaka  4) Laos 5) None of these 

Answers :- 1. 2 2. 4 3. 2 4. 1 5. 1 6. 1 7. 3 8. 2 9. 2 10. 4 11. 2 12. 1 13. 4 14. 2 15. 3 16. 4 17. 2 18. 3 19. 4 20. 1 21. 1 22. 4 23. 2 24. 3 25. 1 26. 1 27. 4 28. 3 29. 1 30.. 4 31. 3 32. 1 33. 1 34. 4 35. 2 36. 1 37. 2 38. 2 39. 5 40. 1 41. 2 42. 3 43. 2 44. 4 45. 5 46. 3 47. 2 48. 3 49. 2 50. 4 

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