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General awareness Questions for GIC/RBI/IBPS PO/CLERK CWE III SET:-11

Q. 1 Recently US Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner visited India accompanied with the Chairman of US Federal Reserve. Who is the present chairman of the US Federal Reserve? 1) John McCloy 2) Christine Lagarde 3) Frank Bramble 4) Ben Bernanke 5) None of these

Q. 2 Recently which Indian company has secure the Australian Government’s approval for taking up the rail project at Abbot Point in ‘Galilee basin in Queensland which is a part of $10-billion coal mine project? 1) GVK Group 2) JSW Steel 3) Vedanta Group 4) Essar Steel 5) None of these

Q. 3 Two American scientists, Robert J Lefkowitz and Brian K Kobilka have been given Nobel Prize in Chemistry for 1) deciphering the communication system that the human body uses to sense the outside world and send messages to cells. 2) for the discovery of quasicrystals 3) for palladium-catalyzed cross couplings in organic synthesis 4) for studies of the structure and function of the ribosome 5) None of these

Q. 4 Name the renowned Chinese author who has been awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature for 2012. 1) Xiaolu Gou 2) Ha Jin 3) Mo Yan 4) Xiaolu Guo 5) None of these

Q. 5 Suzlon Energy has defaulted o $221million worth of foreign currency convertible bonds (FCCBs) maturing in October which is the biggest FCCB default by an Indian corporate. Name the promoter of Suzlon Energy. 1) Tulsi Sakya 2) Rushabh Shah 3) Nitin S Kasliwal 4) Tulsi Tanti 5) None of these

Q. 6 Name the former India captain and renowned bowler, who has been appointed as the new chairman of the International Cricked Council’s cricket committee. 1) K Srikant 2) Kapil Dev 3) Anil Kumble 4) Ravi Shashtri 5) None of these

Q. 7 Real state major Unitech has finally decided to exit the joint venture with its Norwegian partner 1) Telenor 2) Telecom 3) Teletech 4) Sistema 5) None of these

Q. 8 Name the former American professional road racing cyclist who won the Tour de France a record seven consecutive times after surviving testicular cancer and he also founded a cancer foundation. 1) Georges Passerieu 2) Baden Cooke 3) Johan Museeuw 4) Lance Edward Armstrong 5) None of these

Q. 9 IIP stands for 1) India’s Industrial Productio 2) Index of Industrial Production 3) Index of Intermediate Production 4) Index of Investor’s Potential 5) None of these

Q. 10 European Union Commission has been awarded by the 2012 Nobel Peace Prize for advancing peace and reconciliation, democracy and human rights in Europe over the past six decades. Name the president of European Union Commission 1) Joe Manuel Barroso 2) Herman Van Rompuy 3) Martin Schulz 4) Demetris Christofias 5) None of these

Q. 11 Green Kumbh Yatra, a unique pilgrimage that will travel across various countries to highlight the importance of conserving biodiversity, was launched recently during CoP 11 meet. It has to reach to which country finally in 2014 for next CoP meeting? 1) South Korea 2) Singapore 3) Australia 4) Germany 5) Japan

Q. 12 Russian deputy prime minister assured India not to sell arms to Pakistan on his visit to India recently. Name the present deputy prime minister of Russia. 1) Kirill Novikov 2) Nicolas Roerich 3) Alexander Kadakin 4) Dmitry Rogozin 5) None of these

Q. 13 Who won singles title in Shanghai Masters 2012 tournament recently? 1) Andy Murray 2) Novak Djokovic 3) Grigor Dimitrov 4) Roger Federer 5) None of these

Q. 14 To which of the following pairs Mahesh Bhupathi and Rohan Bopanna lost the doubles final of recently concluded Shanghai Masters 2012 Tournament? 1) Leander Paes and Radek Stepanek 2) Markis Kido and Hendra Setiawan 3) Colin Fleming and Ross Hutchins 4) Guo Zhendong and Xie Zhongbo 5) None of these

Q. 15 Name the formula one driver who recently won Korean GP? 1) Michael Schumacher 2) Sebastian Vettel 3) Fernando Alonso 4) Mark Webber 5) Felipe Massa

Q. 16 Name the Pakistani activist who was shot by Taliban militants for speaking up for girl’s right to education. 1) Hina Jilani 2) Malala Yousafzai 3) Nasreen Azhar 4) Khalida Ghous 5) None of these

Q. 17 The Indo-Russian Brahmos cruise missile is now fitted with a guidance technology which uses Russian alternative to the American Global Positioning System. Name this alternative Russian system. 1) Global Mapping System 2) National Navigation System 3) Global Navigation Satellite System 4) Global Navigation System 5) None of these

Q. 18 Which of the following is a programme launched by the government to develop rural infrastructure in India? 1) Bharat Uday 2) Bharat Nirman 3) JNNURM 4) ICDS 5) None of these

Q. 19 Bill Gates and Kofi Annan are among several prominent businessmen and humanitarians asking a US judge to show fairness while sentencing former Goldman Sachs Group Inc board member Rajat Gupta. He has been convicted of 1) illegal windfall gain 2) short selling 3) illegal profit booking 4) insider trading 5) None of these

Q. 20 Which of the following is not the name of a foreign bank? 1) BNP Paribas 2) Deutsche Bank 3) Barclays 4) RBS 5) All are foreign banks

Q. 21 Second edition of F1 Indian Grand Prix will be held at Buddh International Circuit owned by Jay Pee Group in Gretor Noida. Name the Formula 1 president and CEO. 1) Dan Gurney 2) Bernie Ecclestone 3) Jean Todt 4) Jean-Marie Balestre 5) None of these

Q. 22 Name the latest film which fallen in controversy due to using names of different corporates in a song in the film. 1) Chakrvayuh 2) Chittagong 3) Son of Sardar 4) Innocence of Muslims 5) None of these

Q. 23 Name the senior IPS officer who has been appointed as the chief of the country’s largest paramilitary force, CRPF. 1) K Vijay Kumar 2) U K Bansal 3) Ranjit Sinha 4) Pranay Sahay 5) None of these

Q. 24 Name the Cambodian Prince and one of the non-alignment leaders who died recently in Beijing. 1) Zhou Enlai 2) U Thant 3) Norodom Sihanouk 4) Ho Chi Minh 5) None of these

Q. 25 Name the two US scholars who have been awarded the Nobel prize in economics for match making that takes place when doctors are coupled up with hospitals, students with schools and human organs with transplant recipients. 1) Elinor Ostrom, Oliver E. Williamson 2) Lloyd Shapley and Alvin E Roth 3) Peter A. Diamond, Dale T. Mortensen, Christopher A. Pissarides 4) Thomas J. Sargent, Christopher A. Sims 5) None of these

Q. 26 Name the first woman chief to take office as the Chairperson of the African Union Commission (AUC) recently. 1) Cecilia Kadzamira 2) Joyce Banda Sunda 3) Nkosazana Damini Zuma 4) Ellen Johnson Sirleaf 5) None of these

Q. 27 British and Scottish governments signed a historic deal that will allow Scotland to hold a referendum in 2014 to remain part of the UK or walk out of it. It has been a part of the political union for about 1) 100 years 2) 200 years 3) 300 years 4) 350 years 5) None of these

Q. 28 Who is the author of the book ‘Diplomatic Channels’? 1) Krishan Menan 2) Krishnan Srinivasan 3) Krishnan Nair 4) Krishnan Venugopa 5) None of these

Q. 29 Who is the author of the title ‘Dividing Lines’, based on the India-China conflict in 1962? 1) K N Raghavan 2) Neville Maxwell 3) B M Kaul 4) B N Mullick 5) None of these

Q. 30 Name the former Austrian paratrooper who ascended to an altitude of 128,100 ft (39 km) by a helium balloon and made the highest and fastest jump in the history recently. 1) Felix Baumgartner 2) Franz Reichelt 3) Michael Asher 4) Jon Hollingsworth 5) None of these

Q. 31 Name the IAS officer who had issued an order canceling the mutation of a plot of land sold by Robert Vadra’s Sky Light Hospitality and is in news after Haryana government decided to transfer him. 1) Raju Narayan Swami 2) P Manivannan 3) Ashok Khemka 4) Thiru R Gopalan 5) None of these

Q. 32 Who among the following recently stepped down as CEO of Citigroup Inc? 1) John P Havens 2) Vikram Pundit 3) Michael Corbat 4) Michael O’Nell 5) None of these

Q. 33 Which of the following bank is all set to buy Barclays’ retail assets worth around Rs 3,000 crore? Barclays is exiting the retail banking operations. 1) UBS 2) HSBC 3) Citi bank 4) Standard Chartard 5) None of these

Q. 34 Which of the following cars has been recently launched by India’s biggest car maker, the model which has been the country’s best selling car since 2006? 1) Spark 2) Santro 3) Eon 4) Alto 800 5) None of these

Q. 35 Name the present Attorney General of India who recently refused to give a new opinion on the inter-ministerial panel’s decision of one time spectrum charge. 1) Darius Khambata 2) Goolam E Vahanvati 3) Milon K. Banerji 4) Soli Sorabjee 5) None of these

Q. 36 Teenage activist Malala Yousufzai will be given which of the following highest civilian award of Pakistan for bravery, as announced by Pakistan interior minister Rehman Malik? 1) Nishan-e-Imtiyaj 2) Sitara-e-Shujaat 3) Tamgha-i-Pakistan 4) Nishan-e-Pakistan 5) None of these

Q. 37 Name the present Managing Director of Tata Motors who formerly served as India head of General Motors. 1) Karl Slym 2) Carlos Ghosn 3) Lowell Paddock 4) Michael Boneham 5) Michael Boneham

Q. 38 Name the country which has firmly made its presence on the global hydrocarbon map due to huge discoveries in its Rovuma offshore basin where two Indian companies CPCL and Videocon have 10 per cent stake each. 1) Vietnam 2) Nigeria 3) Azerbaijan 4) Mozambique 5) None of these

Q. 39 Which operator has recently launched a pack named ‘CAT Fastrack’ for the CAT aspirants to get tips online in association with Hungama mobile? 1) Aircel 2) Airtel 3) Reliance 4) Idea 5) None of these

Q. 40 Banks had been charging interest on loans on quarterly basis but with effect from April 1, 2002 they have started charging interest on 1) yearly basis 2) half yearly basis 3) daily basis 4) monthly 5) None of these

Q. 41 A telecom operator, Sistema Shyam has asked the Department of Telecom to extend the deadline for the submission of application for the upcoming spectrum auction. Currently, what is the last date to submit application? 1) October 16 2) October 17 3) October 18 4) October 19 5) None of these

Q. 42 Which of the following is the regulator of commodity market in India? 1) Multi-Commodity Exchange (MCX) 2) Forward Market Commission (FMC) 3) Forward Contracts Regulation Act (FCRA) 4) National Commodities Exchange (NCDEX) 5) Securities Exchange Board of India (SEBI)

Q. 43 Recently US auto major General Motors increased its stake in its Indian operations to 93 per cent buying share from its which of the following Chinese partner? 1) SAIC 2) Dongfeng Motor 3) Nanjing Automobile Corporation 4) Zotye 5) None of these

Q. 44 Recently prime minister of which country visited India on her first official visit and agreed to begin negotiations for an agreement on civil nuclear energy co-operation? 1) Argentina 2) Russia 3) Singapore 4) Australia 5) None of these

Q. 45 Recently multi-product special economic zone (SEZ) project to be developed by which of the following companies at Mundra in Gujarat has been cancelled by the Commerce Ministry? 1) Adani group 2) Unitech 3) DLF 4) Raheja 5) None of these

Q. 46 Who is the author of the novel ‘River of Smoke’? 1) Jhumpa Lahri 2) Amitav Ghosh 3) Kiran Desai 4) Arundhati Roy 5) None of these

Q. 47 Name the new virus designed to steal data which is said to be infecting computers in Lebanon, Iran and elsewhere and is widely reported to be part of US-Israel espionage effort. 1) Trojan 2) Exploit 3) Backdoor 4) miniFlame 5) None of these

Q. 48 Shiv Kumar is associated with which of the following games? 1) Billiards 2) Hockey 3) Golf 4) Squash 5) None of these

Q. 49 Which of the following special honour is to be given to Sachin Tendulkar from Australia? Former attorney general Soli Sorabjee is the only Indian to have received this award so far. 1) Honour of Australia 2) Order of Excellence 3) The National Medal 4) Order of Australia 5) None of these

Q. 50 The Supreme Court recently lifted ban on tourist activities in core area of 1) Tiger reserves 2) Biosphere reserves 3) Wildlife reserves 4) Bird sanctuaries 5) None of these

ANSWERS :- 1) 4 20 1 3) 1 4) 3 5) 4 6) 3 7) 1 8) 4 9) 2 10) 1 11) 1 12) 4 13) 2 14) 1 15) 2 16) 2 17) 3 18) 2 19) 4 20) 5 21) 2 22) 1 23) 4 24) 3 25) 2 26) 3 27) 3 28) 2 29) 1 30) 1 31) 3 32) 2 33) 4 34) 4 35) 2 36) 2 37) 1 38) 4 39) 2 40) 4 41) 4 42) 2 43) 1 44) 4 45) 1 46) 2 47) 4 48) 3 49) 4 50) 1

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