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General awareness Questions for GIC/RBI/IBPS PO/CLERK CWE III SET:-05

General awareness Questions for GIC/RBI/IBPS PO/CLERK CWE III

Q.1 To check the spiraling gold imports, which is putting huge pressure on the current account deficit, the govt has hiked the import duty on gold from existing 6%  to   1) 7 % 2) 8 % 3) 9 % 4) 10 %  5) None of these

Q.2 India and which of the following countries have been agreed to hold their first ever bilateral naval exercise in 2015 and make it a regular feature in coming years? 1) Japan 2) Singapore 3) Australia 4) US 5) None of these

Q.3 Which of the following automobile companies in India has launched a small car named Vibe recently?
1) General Motor 2) Mahindra and Mahindra 3) Renault 4) Nissan 5) None of these

Q.4 The Financial Stability and Development Council (FSDC), the apex body of the financial sector regulators in India, is led by 1) The governor of RBI 2) The Finance Minister 3) The Prime Minister 4) The Law Minister 5) None of these

Q.5 Name the athlete who has set a new meet record in the men’s long jump event (jumping 8m) in the National Inter-State Athletics meet in New Delhi recently? 1) Arshad Khan 2) Prem Kumar 3) Ankit Sharma 4) Neeraj Kumar 5) None of these

Q.6 Name the world’s largest online retail company which has entered the Indian e-commerce space recently. 1) ebay 2) Amazon 3) Staples Inc 4) Walmart 5) None of these

Q.7 The term ICAAP is used in the context of which of the following? 1) Risk Management 2) Dealing with Public Companies 3) Capital Adequacy Ratio 4) Right to Information Act 5) None of these

Q.8 Which of the following type of contract is ‘interest rate swap’? 1) Trade Contract 2) Loan Contract 3) Financial Contract 4) Risk Contract 5) None of these

Q.9 What is the expanded form of the term FRBM Act?
1) Financial Responsibility and Budget Management Act 2) Fiscal Responsibility and Budget Management Act
3) Forward Responsibility and Budget Management Act 4) Financial Restrictions and Budget Management Act
5) None of these

Q.10 The US president Barack Obama has appointing who among the following as his national security adviser recently? 1) Susan Rice 2) Tom Donilon 3) Paul Ryan 4) Colin Powell 5) None of these

Q. 11 Which of the following is NOT a type of Broadband internet connection? 1) Cable  2) DSL 3) Dial-up
4) Satellite 5) None of these           

Q 12  in making a field this property show that it Cannot be left blank 1) Numeric        2) Required 3) Calculated
4) Validated 5) None of these         

Q. 13 There are viruses that are triggered by the Passage of time or on a certain date 1) Boot-sector viruses
2) Macro viruses 3) Time bombs     4) Worms 5) None of these

Q. 14 The internet is 1) A large network of networks         2) An internal communication system for a Business 3) A communication system for the Indian Government 4) All of the above 5) None of the above    

Q. 15 The main system board of a computer is called the……… 1) Integrated circuit      2) Motherboard 3) Processor 4) Microchip 5) None of these

Q.16 Kim Jong-un, who has been in news in recent time, is 1) the leader of opposition in South Korea 2) the deputy party secretary of Chinese Communist Party 3) the supreme leader of North Korea 4) the defence minister of North Korea 5)none

Q.17 In which of the following countries terrorist group al-Qaida has captured a part of the country & has built an elaborate network of tunnels, trenches, shafts & ramparts? An international military intervention by United Nations in the country is expected. 1) Afghanistan 2) Iraq 3) Kenya 4) Mali 5)none

Q.18 The Nanavati Commission has been granted extension of six months till June 30,2013. The term of Reference (TOR) of the commission appointed by the Gujarat government in 2002 is
1) to inquire in to facts that led to burning of the S-6 coach of Sabarmati Express.
2) to inquire in to the incidents of violence that took place after the train burning.
3) to figure out the role foreign forces in the 2002 riots.
4) Both 1 & 2 5) All 1 ,2&3

Q.19 What is India’s current ranking in the World Intellectual Property Indicators 2012 released by the World
Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO)? 1)1st 2)3rd  3)6th 4)7th 5)9th

Q.20 The eight core sector industries, crudeoil, petroleum refinery products, natural gas, fertilisers, coal, electricity, cement & finished steel, havea weight of _____ in the overall Index of Industrial Production (IIP) at present. 1) 33.5% 2) 37.9 % 3) 46.6% 4)51.2% 5)67.8%

Q.21 who among the following archers has won men’s recurve summit clash at the Sahara-33rd senior National
Archery championship that concluded in Chennai recently? 1) Mangal Singh Champia 2) Tarun deep Rai 3) Pawan Xalxo 4) Kapil 5) Rajat Chauhan

Q.22 The President of India Pranab Mukherjee inaugurated the 4th World Telugu Conference at which of the
Following places in Andhra Pradesh recently? 1) Tirupati 2) Hyderabad 3) Visakhapatnam 4) Warangal 5) Chittoor

Q.23 Who among the following has reclaimed the Luge Asian Championship for the second successive time?
1)Yann Fricheteau 2) Hidenari Kanayama 3) Sanjay Bangar 4) Shiva Keshavan 5)none

Q.24 Which among the following comes/come under the category of Asset Reconstruction Company(ARC)
Functioning in India? 1)ARCIL 2)CRISIL 3)CIBIL 4)RARC 5)Only 1 & 4

Q.25 Hockey India League (HIL) has signed a multi-year title sponsorship deal with the two-wheeler manufacturer 1) Honda Motor cycle & Scooter India (P) Ltd 2) Hero Moto Corp 3) TVS Motor Company 4) Suzuki Motorcycle India (P) Ltd 5) None

Q.26 “The written document issued by an insurance company to a policy owner which represents the insurance
Contract between the insurance company & the policy owner” is called` 1) Endorsement 2) Policy 3) Prescription 4) Beneficiary note 5) none

Q.27  The US Congress has passed the bill to avoid the so-called fiscal cliff. What the bill is all about?
1) It is a measure that sought to maintain tax cuts for most Americans but increase tax rates on the wealthy.
2) It allows the nation to avoid the severe austerity measures that were slated to take effect in the New year.
3) It will dramatically shrink the government’s soaring national debt & address the nagging problem of persistent unemployment. 4) Only 1 & 2 5) Only1&3

Q.28 The Sudanese President Omaral-Bashir & his South Sudanese counterpart Salva Kiirare set to hold a
Summit meeting in Addis Ababa recently. Addis Ababa is the capital city of 1)Ethiopian 2)Zaire 3)Zambia 4)Tanzania 5)Mozambic

Q.29 Kachin Independence Organization (KIO), an armed rebel group, is active in which of the following countries? It had recently captured an army base & the army used helicopters to get their camp back. 1)Bangladesh 2)Myanmar 3)Sudan 4)Mali 5)none

Q.30 CACP is a key advisory body to the Centre on farm prices. CACP stands for 1) Commission forAggregate Costs & Prices 2) Commission for Agriculture Costs & Prices 3) Central Agency for Costs & Prices 4) Commission for Agriculture Costs & Procureme 5)none

Q. 31.    Recently The Central Information Commission (CIC) in a landmark judgment held that all political parties are answerable under the Right to Information Act? Who among the following is the Chief Information Commissioner of India? (1) Raghunath Sharma     (2) Satyanad Mishra  (3) M L Sharma    (4) Annapurna Dixit
(5) None of these

Q. 32.    Recently first all women police station opens in which among the following state/Union Territory?
(1) New Delhi   (2) Goa   (3) Andhra Pradesh   (4) Rajasthan  (5) Arunachal Pradesh

Q. 33.    Recently Janez Jansa, has been convicted of corruption and sentenced to two years in prison. He is a ____? (1) Former President of Slovenia   (2) Former Prime Minister of Cuba  (3) Former Prime Minister of Italy (4) Former Prime Minister of Slovenia (5) Former President of Italy

Q. 34.    Recently Bangladesh Cricket Board has suspended which among the following former captain of Bangladesh on match fixing charges?  (1) Habibul Bashar  (2) Mohammad Ashraful  (3) Shakib Al Hasan  (4) Mushfiqur Rehman   (5) None of these

Q. 35.    According to United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), how much percent of World GDP lost due to malnutrition?  (1) 4%     (2) 6%    (3) 5%   (4) 7% (5) 10%

Q. 36.    Recently Raghav Joneja is in news. He is ____? (1) Winner of the Scripps National Spelling Bee for the year 2013   (2) Winner of Junior Boxing Championship  (3) Won Gold in Judo Championship  (4) Youngest Indian to scale the Mount Everest  (5) None of these

Q. 37.    Recently Rami Hamdallah became New Prime Minister of ____?  (1) Venezuela     (2) Palestine  (3) Italy    (4) Slovenia (5) None of these

Q. 38.    India and which country decided to boost defence ties and maritime security for growth and prosperity of Asia Pacific and Indian Ocean regions?(1) Malaysia    (2) Vietnam  (3) Japan   (4) Australia  (5) Myanmar

Q. 39.    Recently which among the following pair has won the French Open mixed doubles title 2013?
(1) Katarina Srebotnik and Piet Norval   (2) Frantisek Cermak and Lucie Hradecka  (3) Daniel Nestor and Kristina Mladenovic  (4) Nenad Zimonjić and Katarina Srebotnik  (5) None of these

Q. 40.  Country's highest Krishi Vigyan Kendra (KVK) will be set up at: (1) New Delhi    (2) Jammu & Kashmir
(3) Uttar Pradesh      (4) Goa  (5) None of these

Q. 41 Which of the following statements is/are not correct about National Population Register (NPR)?
1) It is a project of home ministry. 2) It is a substitute for Aadhar (UID). 3) It collects identity through three biometricsphotographs, fingerprints and iris impression. 4) All the residents above five years of age have to
be enrolled mandatorily. 5) It will be used for identification and providing target groups access to government schemes and social sector benefits.

Q42. Name the player who became the first bowler to take three hat-tricks in the Indian Premier League (IPL).
1) Yuvraj Singh 2) Rohit Sharma  3) Amit Mishra 4) Praveen Kumar  5) None of these

Q43 FirstRand Bank which opened ATM in the nation’s largest slum Dharavi last month, is bank of the country
1) US 2) UK 3) India 4) South Africa 5) Germany

Q44. Rohinton Nariman, who resigned from his post recently, was the  1) Advocate General of Delhi 2) Solicitor General of India 3) Attorney General of India 4) Assistant Solicitor General of India 5) None of these

Q45. For the first time since 2006, Spain crashed out of the first round of the Davis Cup recently. Which of the
following countries has defeated Spain in the world group tie? 1) Sweden 2) France 3) Canada 4) Japan 5) None of these

Q46. Name the only women chief election commissioner of India, who died on April 17   1) Rama Devi 2) Leela Seth3) Fathima Beevi 4) Anna Chandy5) None of these

Q47. “Damodaran Committee, which submitted its report in 2011, is related to  1) Customer services in banks 2) Management of co-operative Sector  3) Reforms in the insurance sector 4) Rejuvenation of higher education 5) None of these

Q48. Which of the following retail venture, has entered into the Guinness World Records by opening a record 315 outlets across 10 states in the country, at one time 1) Reliance Q Shop 2) Sahara Q Shop
3) Big Bazaar 4) SPAR 5) None of these

Q49. Noted personality of yesteryear, T K Ramamurthy died in Chennai on April 17 following brief illness. He was a legendry 1) Film critic 2) Music composer 3) Lyricist 4) Singer 5) Screen Writer

Q50. The famous 'Pooram' festival, whose main attraction is a parade by caparisoned elephants, organisers are in a fix over its successful conduct due to a ban on parading them in daytime to protect them from heatwave, is a festival of 1) Tamil Nadu 2) Kerala 3) Andhra Pradesh 4) Odisha 5) None of these

ANSWERS:- 1) 2 2) 3 3) 2 4) 2 5) 2 6) 2 7) 3 8) 3 9) 2 10) 1 11) 3  12) 2  13) 3  14) 4 15) 2  16)3 17)4 18)4 19)4 20)2 21)4 22)1 23)4 24)5 25)2 26)2 27)4 28)1 29)2 30)2  31. (2) 32. (5) 33. (4) 34. (2) 35. (3) 36. (4) 37. (2) 38. (4) 39. (2) 40. (2)  41) 2 42) 3  43) 4 44) 2 45) 3 46) 1 47) 1 48) 2 49) 2 50) 2

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