Sunday, September 02, 2012

IBPS RRB Officers exam paper held on 02-09-2012 general awareness (Morning)

1. Based on RBI function.
2. Based on SEBI function.
3. Recently 20 more works has been added to which national employment scheme in India?And: - MNREGA
4. India recently entered into TIEA with Bahrain. What is its full form?Ans:- Tax Information Exchange Agreement
5. Who won IPL2012?Ans:- KKR
6. Rahul Bhattacharya is famous?Ans: - journalist and novelist
7. What is present Bank rate?Ans: - 9%
8. Who is the chairman of committee formed to fix Poverty line In India?And: - C. Rangarajan
9. Which country is helping Bangladesh to construct Nuclear Plant?Ans: - Russia
10. Who is Fran├žois Hollande?Ans: - President of France
11. Okram Ibobi Singh is Chief Minister of which state?Ans: Manipur
12. Microfinance regulated by?Ans: - RBI
13. Which country has shut down its last Nuclear reactor recently?Ans: - Japan
14. Due to international pressure India has banned on Oil import from which country?Ans:- Iran
15. Indian Foreign Affair minister SM Krishna meets 2/3 times to Ali Akbar Salehi in International forums. Who is he?Ans: - Foreign Minister of Iran
16. What is Pradhan Mantri Adarsh Gram Yojana?
17. Full form of EFSF?Ans: - European Financial Stability Facility
18. IFRS (International Financial Reporting Standards) is used by which organization?
19. Who is author of “Target 3 Billion”?Ans: - APJ Kalam
20. Where is the venue of Santosh Trophy 2012(66th Cup) final match?Ans:- Cuttack
21. Anita Desai is author of which of the following novel?And: - Fire on the Mountain
23. Gulf Cooperation Council latest meeting held at?Ans: - Riyadh
24. Who received Templeton award 2012 which is awarded in UK?Ans: - Dalai Lama
25. When is National Technology Day celebrated?Ans: 11th May
26. Recently Viswanathan Anand has defeated which chess player to win Championship?Ans: - Boris Gelfand
27. Regulator of SHG (Self Help Group)?Ans: - NABARD
28. Recently national roaming on mobile has been asked to remove as a part of which policy?Ans: -National Telecom Policy 2012
29. The Olympic Games were held at an interval of?Ans:-4 years
30. Which is gallantry award?Ans: - Kirti Award
31. Soumitra Chatterjee a famous actor is nominated for which award?Ans: - Dada Saheb Phalke award
32. Recently which country test fired Hatf-IX missile?Ans: - Pakistan
33. G-8 held in?Ans:-Camp David
34:NATO sumit was held where? -chiago
35:Haltf IV missile lunch which country? Pakistan
36. Moody has recently downgraded the Credit rating of Some Indian Banks, Moody is ______ ?
37.Which among the following is the Monetary Policy of Reserve Bank of India?

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