Saturday, November 19, 2011


1.odious = despicable, hateful  2.onerous = burdensome  3.opprobrious = abusive, disgraceful  4.ordain = appoint  5.ossify = harden  6.ostensible = apparent, seeming  7.ostentatious = pretentious, showy  8.overweening = arrogant, forward  9.pacifist = one who opposes all violence  10.paean = a song of praise  11.palaver = babble, nonsense  12.pall = to become dull or weary  13.palliate = to make less serious, ease  14.pallid = pale, sallow, lacking color or liveliness 15.palpable = touchable, obvious, real  16.paltry = scarce, pitifully small or worthless  17.panache = flamboyance, flair 18.pandemic = spread over a whole area or country  19.panegyric = praise  20.panoply = full suit of armor  21.paragon = model of excellence or perfection  22.pariah = outcast  23.parley = conference, discussion  24.parry = avert, ward off, reflect  25.partisan = supporter  26.pathos = emotion, feeling of sadness  27.patrician = aristocrat  28.patrimony = inheritance or heritage derived from one's father  29.peccadillo = a minor fault  30.pedagogue = dull, formal teacher 31.pedant = a person who is too interested in formal rules and small unimportant details  32.pejorative = insulting, having bad connotations  33.pellucid = transparent, easily understood  34.penance = voluntary suffering to repent for a wrong  35.penchant = inclination  36.penitent = repentant  37.pensive = sad  38.perdition = damnation, complete ruin 39.peremptory = dictatorial  40.perennial = enduring, lasting  41.perfidious = treacherous ( of a person )  42.perfunctory = careless, done in a routine way  43.peripatetic = moving from place to place  44.pernicious = destructive  45.pert = flippant, bold  46.pertinacious = persevering  47.pertinent = Relevant, applicable  48.philistine = barbarian, narrow-minded person  49.phlegmatic = sluggish, someone who is calm  50.pillory = punish by ridicule 

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