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GA, MARKETING & Computer awareness Questions Set:-1 for IBPS PO & SBI Clerk -2012 Exam

Q.1 In which country a high-level delegation from Karnataka recently conducted road shows to attract investments for the forthcoming Global Investors Meet in June? 1) Britain 2) US 3) Pakistan 4) Japan 5) Russia
Q.2Which of the following Indian state has signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Mizuho Corporate Bank of Japan recently for seeking financial investment in the state? 1) Kerala 2) Karnataka 3) New Delhi 4) Rajasthan 5) Gujarat
Q.3In which of the following Indian cities, South Korean Woori Bank has opened its first branch in India, aimed at tapping the growing economic opportunities in India? 1) Mumbai 2) New Delhi 3) Kolkata 4) Chennai 5) Bangalore
Q.4The Lok Sabha of Indian Parliament approved the Transplantation of Human Organs (Amendment) Bill, 2011. The bill increases punishment from five to 10 years of imprisonment and the fine from 10000-20000 rupees. Which of the following statements is true regarding the bill?
1) The bill involves severe punishment for those involved in organ trade 2) The bill does not allows uncles and aunts and grandparents to donate their organs 3) The bill allows illegal and commercial dealings of the organ 4) The amended bill does not allow swapping of vital organs between willing but incompatible donors legal 5) None of these
Q.5The central government will soon take a study on 100-odd dams that will soon come up in which of the following states? 1) Arunachal Pradesh 2) Assam 3) West Bengal   4) Kerala 5) Andhra Pradesh
Q.6To which of the following television channels the government has served a notice to refrain from screening the film The Dirty Picture during the day time? 1) Star Plus 2) Zee Cinema 3) Colors 4) Sony 5) Set Max
Q.7Which states chief minister has decided to launch state-owned newspaper and TV channel to highlight good work done by the government? 1) Uttar Pradesh 2) West Bengal 3) Bihar      4) Jharkhand 5) Madhya Pradesh
Q.8The women activist Maya Suwalka who has bagged the prestigious Ambedkar Women’s Welfare Award for her campaign for women’s empowerment, child rights, handicraft promotion and watershed development during the past decade, belongs to which of the following states? 1) Rajasthan      2) Haryana 3) Punjab     4) Orissa 5) Bihar
Q.9April 22 is celebrated every year as which of the following days? 1) World Earth Day   2) World Health Day 3) National Stress Awareness Day    4) World Green Day 5) Dental Health Month
Q.10Recently a Gandhian Giriraj Kishore has returned his Padma Shri to the government to protest Gandhi item auction. What is the profession of Giriraj Kishore? 1) Social Activist 2) Politician 3) Writer 4) Historian 5) Anti-corruption activist
Q.11Which of the following is the new slogan of London Olympics 2012 which was recently revealed by the London organizers at an event in Kew Gardens? 1) Faster, Higher, Stronger 2) Inspire a generation 3) With glowing hearts  4) Share the spirit 5) Coexistence with the Nature 
Q.12Recently which of the following telecom company has issued notice to the Indian government under Bilateral Investment Treaty over tax issue between India and Netherland? 1) Airtel 2) Vodafone 3) Idea     4) Aircel 5) Reliance
Q.13In which of the following Indian state the National Highway Authority of India (NHAI) has established India’s first Electronic Toll Collection (ETC) system, substituting the existing cash payment method? 1) Maharashtra            2) Rajasthan 3) Delhi 4) Punjab 5) Haryana 

Q.14As per the International Monetary Fund (IMF) what economic growth rate of India’s GDP for 2012 has been projected? 1) 6.6% 2) 6% 3) 6.5% 4) 6.9% 5) 6.8%
Q.15In which of the following Indian states the state government has waived five per cent VAT on textiles and instead imposed a one per cent composite tax? 1) Kerala   2) West Bengal 3) Andhra Pradesh 4) Orissa 5) Gujarat
Q.16Zilla Parishad of which of the following districts of India has been chosen for National Panchayati Raj Award for implementing all central government schemes? 1) Sawai Madhopur  2) Kurukshetra 3) Surashtra 4) Mandsor
5) Rai Bareilly
Q.17The Gas Authority of India Ltd (GAIL) is in talks with which gas major of the world to form a joint venture company to the pipeline infrastructure and for supplying gas to the industrial hub and clusters coming up as part of the Delhi-Mumbai Industrial Corridor? 1) Royal Dutch 2) Exonn Mobil 3) Chevron    4) Tokyo Gas 5) PetroChina
Q.18Which of the following drinks is to be declared a National Drink in 2013 in hounour of the plantation worker and sepoy mutiny leader Maniram Dewan on his 212th birth anniversary? 1) Coffee 2) Tea 3) Lassi   4) Coconut milk 5) Jal Jeera
Q.19With which country India is building the Jaynagar-Baridibas rail link, the work on which has been expedited?
1) Nepal 2) Bangladesh 3) Pakistan4) Bhutan 5) Myanmar
Q.20Which of the following countries is not a member of the G-20? 1) South Korea  2) Brazil 3) China 4) USA 5) Iran 
Q.21Which of the following has been introduced by the banks in India to increase financial inclusion? 1) Stimulus package 2) Internet Banking 3) Business correspondent      4) Corporate Banking 5) None of these
Q.22What period has been fixed by the government for the Twelfth Five Year Plan in India? 1) 2010-15     2) 2011-16 3) 2012-17 4) 2013-18 5) 2014-19
Q.23For achieving which of the following objectives the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) employs open market operations are employed by? 1) To control the reserve base of banks       2) To minimise fluctuation in money supply 3) As an adjunct to the Bank Rate to make it function more effectively 4) All of the above 5) None of the above
Q.24What is the minimum time of operation an insurance company is required to complete for becoming eligible to issue an initial public offer (IPO)? 1) 3 years  2) 5 years 3) 7 years 4) 10 years 5) 12 years
Q.25The concept of “Carbon Credit” is associated with which of the following fields? 1) Protection of environment      2) Women empowerment 3) Development of rural infrastructure     4) Development of coal mines 5) None of these
Q.26 Which of the following Indian states has won the best state award for strengthening its Panchayati Raj Institutions (PRIs)? 1) Manipur 2) Assam 3) Sikkim   4) Arunachal Pradesh 5) West Bengal
Q.27 After Andhra Pradesh and Assam, in which of the following states a third regional centre of the National Investigation Agency (NIA) will be opened soon? 1) Bihar 2) Madhya Pradesh 3) Andhra Pradesh 4) Uttar Pradesh 5) Chhattisgarh
Q.28 To speed up the issuance of passports and ease burden on the local passport office, which of the following state has got its first passport Seva Kendra? 1) Jharkhand  2) Kerala 3) Jammu & Kashmir   4) Arunachal Pradesh 5) Manipur
Q.29 Recently a Canada-based organsiation has launched the first and only online radio station- that will broadcasts music and songs of which of the following Indian state? 1) Jammu & Kashmir                 2) Himachal Pradesh 3) Chhattisgarh      4) Madhya Pradesh 5) Rajasthan
Q.30 Which of the following famous cricketer was recently presented a copy of a book Tribute to a Legend which contains extracts from reports that appeared in The Hindu covering his 100 international centuries and was specially bought out to mark his 39th birthday? 1) Sachin Tendulkar        2) Brian Lara 3) Sunil Gavaskar 4) Ricky Ponting 5) Jacques Kallis
Q.31 Name the Congress leader and Rajya Sabha member who recently resigned from the post of Chairman of Parliamentary Standing Committee on Law, Justice, Personnel, and Public Grievances. 1) Abhishek Manu Singhvi    2) Satyavrat Chaturvedi 3) Janardhan Dwivedi 4) Sajjan Kumar 5) Pramod Tiwari
Q.32 With which country India has recently signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) to strengthen medical co-operation and medical tourism between the two countries? 1) Bangladesh 2) Kuwait 3) Afghanistan 4) Pakistan 5) US
Q.33 Which of the following Indian states has banned manufacture, import and use of pesticides which is harmful to health and has also made arrangements for educating farmers on cautious use of pesticides and their healthcare?
1) Haryana 2) Uttar Pradesh 3) Bihar 4) Madhya Pradesh 5) Punjab
Q.34 Which of the three countries are participating in a joint 5-day sea exercise named as Dosti XI which focuses on Maritime Search and Rescue, Marine Pollution Response and Boarding Operations
1) Sri Lanka, India, Bangladesh 2) India, Pakistan, Bangladesh 3) Maldives, Sri Lanka, Pakistan 4) India, Sri Lanka, Maldives 5) Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Bangladesh
Q.35 Which type of coffee gets its name from a port in Yemen? 1) Cappuccino 2) Mocha 3) Medici 4) Macchiato 5) Doppio
Q.36 Which of the following countries celebrated the Loktantra Diwas on 24th April to mark the People’s Movement of 2006 for reinstatement of the democracy in the country? 1) Nepal 2) Sri Lanka 3) Bhutan  4) India 5) Maldives
Q.37 Which among the following nation has acquired the dubious distinction of being the top spam-spewing nation on the planet according to a report of the security firm Sophos, which ranks nations by the amount of junk mail routed through computers in each country? 1) United States 2) South Korea 3) Britain      4) India 5) China
Q.38 Which of the following financial institution has sanctioned Rs 32 crore of loans for rural electrification at Sagar Island in Sunderbans of West Bengal under which 45 Gram Panchayats will be electrified? 1) World Bank 2) Asian Development Bank 3) International Monetary Fund 4) International Development Bank 5) OPEC Fund for International Development
Q.39 Which of the following non-government organization has punctured the Delhi Development Authority marketing blitz inviting bidders for the luxurious housing units in the Commonwealth Games Village? 1) Save Yamuna 2) Yamuna Bachao Abhiyan 3) Yamuna Jiye Abhiyan 4) Meri Dilli Meri Yamuna 5) NGO Yamuna
Q.40 In a recent move by the government, any doctor travelling to the US for higher medical studies from this year onward will have to sign a bond with the government promising to return to India after completing his/her studies. Which of the following statement is true in this regard?
1) This will prevent doctors from leaving the country on the pretext of higher studies and eventually settling down there and won’t allow them to practice there            2) This will make travelling to US for higher studies more easy 3) This will open up new opportunities for students willing to study in US 4) The students travelling to US for medical education can settle in US and continue their practice there. 5) None of these
Q.41 The Union Cabinet has recently approved the Protection of Children from Sexual Offences Bill that aims at rigorous punishment for sexual intercourse or contact with sexual intent with a child below which of the following age group?1) 10 years 2) 16 years 3) 18 years 4) 12 years 5) None of these 
Q.42 Which of the following country’s Supreme Court has convicted its Prime Minister for contempt of court for refusing to reopen corruption cases against its President? 1) Sudan 2) Bangladesh 3) Nepal  4) Pakistan 5) Iran
Q.43 Which of the following three countries has decided to explore ways to arrange safe passage for those members of the Taliban who wish to participate in the reconciliation process and will work together on the issue of delisting Taliban leaders and others from time to time to facilitate the peace process? 1) Pakistan, US, Afghanistan               2) India, Pakistan, Afghanistan 3) Afghanistan, India, Iran 4) UK, US, India 5) Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran
Q.44 Which of the following states has been applauded by the World Health Organisation (WHO) for its campaign against the use of nicotine in hookah bars which was launched on October 2, 2008? 1) Punjab 2) Goa 3) Rajasthan 4) Maharashtra 5) Haryana
Q.45 With a healthy 16.70 per cent growth in per capita income and 18.7 per cent growth in Gross State Domestic Product during 2011-12, which of the following states has the second highest GDP in the country? 1) Goa   2) Chandigarh 3) Delhi 4) Andhra Pradesh 5) Maharashtra
Q.46 In the recent election held in New York, who among the following Indians has been elected to the post of Judge of the International Court of Justice (ICJ)? 1) Dalveer Bhandari 2) Fatima Bibi 3) Dr Nagendra Singh      4) PN Bhagwati5) RS Pathak 
Q.47 Which of the following is the first Indian state to enact the Right to Hearing Bill, 2012, in the State Assembly, which provides citizens the right of hearing within a stipulated time on any grievance or complaint related to governance?1) Haryana 2) Maharashtra 3) Rajasthan 4) New Delhi 5) Uttar Pradesh 
Q.48 Under Article 80 of the Constitution, how many members to the 250-member of the Upper House can be nominated by the President of India? 1) 9           2) 10 3) 12 4) 15 5) 18
Q.49 Who among the following Bollywood actor who has won accolades for playing variety of roles in the Hindi cinema has been nominated as a member of Rajya Sabha? 1) Rekha 2) Jaya Bhaduri 3) Jayaprada     4) Rakhi 5) Sharmilla Tagore
Q.50 Which of the following country has recently test-fired the long-range Hatf IV, Shaheen 1A ballistic missile in the Indian Ocean? 1) India 2) Pakistan 3) Iran 4) Saudi Arabia 5) North Korea

For each of the following does not statements please choose the correct alternative:
Q.51. The following does not represent a market situation:
(A) A bank run dispensary located in its staff quarters
(B) A fund raising chairity show for the members of an NGO
(C) A meditation camp of a religious organisation conducted for its members
(D) A stall distributing kada prasad in a gurudwara.
(E) None of these
Q.52. The markets are grouped into different types based on the geographical area, location of market palace , product,nature of transaction, and volume of the transaction :
In the above statement the following is not correct: (A) Nature of transaction(B) Geographical area(C) Location of marketplace(D) Volume of transaction(E) None of these
Q.53. The following offering is not a service :(A) Fixed deposit receipt(B) Postage stamp(C) Gift coupon of a chain store (D) Insurance Policy(E) None of these
Q.54. The act of obtaining a desired object from someone by offering something in return is called as a (n)....
(A) Transaction (B) Exchange (C) Relationship (D) Value (E) None of these
Q.55. Economists use the refer to a collection of buyers and sellers who transact in a particular product class :
(A) Customer (B) Market (C) Experience (D) None of these (E) None of these
Q.56. Out of the items mentioned below, not a product:(A) Lecture by Shri Sudhansu Maharaj(B) Simla (C) Visit to Bank's London office (D) None of these(E) None of these
Q.57. A product line is a group of related products that function in a similar manner, are sold to the same customer groups, and marketed through the same type of outlets :
(A) Group (B) Line (C) Category (D) Market (E) None of these
Q.58. Goods that are typically bought by a consumer based on a comparison of suitability, quality, price,and style are called.....goods:(A) Industrial (B) Speciality (C) Shopping (D) Convenience(E) None of these
Q.59. Out of the following, not one of the three levels of a product :
(A) Core (B) Augmented (C) Actual (D) Fragmented (E) None of these
Q.60. Out of the following, not an objective of pricing :(A) Profit(B) Stabilising demand and sales of the product(C) Improvement in product quality(D) Expansion of business(E) None of these
Q.61. Abank has a special product for senior citizens which provides cheque book on saving account with customer name on chaque book, free of cost debit card with over draft facility of rs 15,000, a special pouch for holding passbook, cheque book and debit card, facility for withdrawal and deposites at any branch of the bank,free of cost remittances to any branch of the bank, and free of cost remittances to any branch of another bank covered under RTGS facility. Which of the following is the core product in this offering ?(A) Overdraft(B) Remittances(C) Saving account(D) None of these(E) None of these
Q.62. Of the following pricing methods, not based on competitors pricing :
(A) English Auction (B) Sealed--Bid Auction(C) Group Pricing(D) None of these(E) None of these
Q.63. Of the following pricing strategies, not ideal for new products :
(A) Market-Skimming(B) Discriminatory Pricing(C)Promotional Pricing(D) None of these(E) None of these
Q.64.A____ discount is offered by the seller to intermediary who performs functionslike selling, storing and record keeping :(A) Quantity (B) Trade (C) Cash (D) Seasonal(E) None of these
Q.65. In market skimming pricing strategy :
(A) Initially price is lower and then it is increased(B) Initially price is higher and then it is reduced(C) Intial price is high and is maintained high(D) None of these(E) None of these
Q.66. Bank of Mathura is offering 1% higher interest rate on fixed diposite to senior citizens of 60 years and above. It is practising........... :(A) Promotional pricing(B) Psychological pricing(C) Segmental pricing(D) Product mix pricing(E) None of these
Q.67. with____pricing, the products are priced below list price (or even below cost)for a temporary period to create buying urgency :(A) Reference (B) By-product (C) Promotional (D) Market penetration(E) None of these
Q.68. Of the following pricing methods, not cost-based method.(A) Value pricing(B) Target-return pricing(C) Mark-up Pricing(D) Marginal cost pricing(E) None of these
69. Which device is used as the standard pointing device in a Graphical User Environment?
(a) Keyboard(b) Mouse(c) Joystick (d) Trackball(e) None of these

70. Which of the following is not an.output device? (a) Plotter(b) Printer(c) Monitor (d) Touch Screen(e) None of these

71. Every component of your computer is either  (a) software or CPUIRAM (b) input devices or output devices (c) application software or, system software (d) hardware or software(e) None of these

72. What is an E-mail attachment? (a) A receipt sent by the recipient (b) A separate document from another program sent along with an E-mail message (c) A malicious parasite that feeds off your messages and destroys the contents (d) A list of CC or BCC recipients (e) None of these

73. What is correcting errors in a program called?' (a) Interpreting(b) Translating (c) Debugging(d) Compiling
(e) None of these

74. What is the main folder on a storage device called? (a) Platform(b) Interface (c) Root directory(D) Device driver (E) None of these

75. 'DOS' floppy disk does not have—(a) A Boot Record(b) A File Allocation Table(c) A Root Directory(d) Virtual Memory(e) BIOS

76. The word FIP stands for—(a) File Translate Protocol(b) File Transit Protocol(c) File Typing Protocol(d) File Transfer Protocol(e) None of these

77. How is power supplied to a low-power USB device?(a) Through a power cable(b) From an external power supply(c) Directly from the computer's power supply(d) Through the USB cable(e) None of these

78. …………are used to identify a user who returns to a Website.(a) Cookies(b) Plug-ins(c) Scripts(d) ASPs(e) None of these

79. A proxy server is used for the which of the following?(a) To provide security against unauthorized users(b) To process client requests for web pages(c) To process client requests for database access(d) To provide TCP/IP(e) None of these

80. In the  the portion lebelled http is the—(a) host(b) domain name(c) protocol(d) top-level domain(e) None of these

81.The number of pixels displayed on a screen is known as the screen—(a) resolution(b) colour depth(c) refresh rate(d) viewing size(e) None of these

82. Word processing, spreadsheet, and photo-editing are example of—(a) application software(b) system software(c) operating system software(d) platform software(e) None of these

83. A————is approximately a million bytes.(a) gigabyte(b) kilobyte(c) megabyte(d) terabyte(e) None of these
84. A computer cannot 'boot' if it does not have the (a) Compiler(b) Loader(c) Operating System(d) Assembler(e) None of these

85. To view information on the web you must have a (a) cable modem(b) web browser(c) Domain Name Server (d) hypertext viewer(e) None of these

86. What type of computer could be found in a digital watch?(a) Mainframe computer(b) Super computer(c) Embedded computer(d) Notebook computer(e) None of these

87. The arrow keys can be used to (a) delete text(b) move the cursor in the text that has already been entered(c) save the document(d) move the cursor while deleting text(e) None of these

88. Office LANS, which are scattered geographically on large scale, can be connected by the use of corporate
(a) CAN(b) LAN(c) DAN(d) WAN(e) TAN

89. Directory in directory is called(a) Mini directory(b) Junior directory(c) Part directory(d) Sub directory(e) None of these

90. A __ is a microprocessor-based computing device.(a) personal computer(b) mainframe(c) workstation(d) server(e) None of these

91. RAM can be thought of as the __ for the computer's processor.(a) factory(b) operating room(c) waiting room(d) planning room(e) None of these

92. One thousand bytes is a __(a) kilobyte(b) megabyte(c) gigabyte(d) terabyte(e) None of these

93. What is the term for how words will appear on a page? (a) text formatting (b) Character formatting (c) Point size(d) Typeface (e) None of these 

94. The process of a computer receiving information from a server on the Internet is known as (a) pulling(b) pushing (c) downloading(d) transferring (e) None of these

95. When sending an e-rnail. the ........ line describes the contents of the message. (a) subject(b) to (c) contents(d) cc (e) None of these

96. The software that allows users to surf the Internet is called a/an (a) Search engine (b) Internet Service Provider (ISP) (c) Multimedia application (d) Browser (e) None of these

97. A CD-RW disk (a) has a faster access than an internal disk (b) is a form of optical disk, so it can only be written once (c) holds less data than a floppy disk (d) can be erased and rewritten (e) None of these

98. The" first page of a Web site is called the (a) Home page(b) Index (c) Java Script(d) Bookmark (e) None of these

99. A contains buttons and menus that provide quick access to commonly used commands. (a) menu bar(b) toolbar(c) window (d) action bar(e) None of these

100. Ctrl, shift and alt are called __ keys. (a) adjustment(b) function(c) modifier (d) alphanumeric(e) None of these

Answer :-(1).4  (2).2  (3).4  (4).1  (5).1  (6).4  (7).2  (8).1  (9).1  (10).3  (11).2  (12).2  (13).5  (14).4  (15).3  (16).2  (17).4  (18).2  (19).1  (20).5  (21).3  (22).3  (23).4  (24).4  (25).1  (26).3  (27).4  (28).3  (29).1  (30).1  (31).1  (32).2  (33).5  (34).4  (35).2  (36).1  (37).4  (38).1  (39).3  (40).1  (41).3  (42).4  (43).1  (44).5  (45).3  (46).1  (47).3  (48).3  (49).1  (50).2  51. (D) 52-(C) 53-(C) 54-(B) 55-(B). 56-(C) 57- (B) 58-(C) 59-(D) 60-(D). 61: (C). 62 : (C) 63: (B) 64 : (B) 65 : (B) 66 : (C) 67: (C) 68: (A).  69. ( B) 70. (E ) 71. (D ) 72. (B ) 73. (C ) 74. (C ) 75. (D ) 76. (A ) 77. (D ) 78. (A ) 79. (A ) 80. (C ) 81. (A ) 82. (A ) 83. (C ) 84. (C ) 85. (B ) 86. (C ) 87. (B ) 88. (A ) 89. (D ) 90. (A ) 91. (C ) 92. (A ) 93. (A ) 94. (C ) 95. (A ) 96. (D ) 97. (D ) 98. ( A) 99. (B ) 100. (B )


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