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1. In which market structure is the demand curve of the market represented by the demand curve of the firm? MONOPOLY
2. “Mixed Farming” means:- Rearing of cattle & agriculture
3. Which is deducted from NNP to arrive NI? Indirect Tax
4. The 1st woman Governor of a State in free India was? Mrs. Sarojini Naidue
5. Which is not an objective of Fiscal Policy in India?  Price Satbility
6. Which is not a quantitative credit control measure of a Central Bank? Moral Suasion
7. Which is a permanent institution? UNO
8. Which is a hindrance to liberty & independence? Centralisation
9. Mohammad-bin-tughlaq was a failure because- He transferred the capital city
10. Whom did Bal Gangadhar Tilak refer to as his Political Guru? Dada bhai naoroji
11. Which is not associated with Parliament? Dismiss
12. Tides are caused by the gravitational pull of the- Moon on the Earth
13. “Dry Farming” in India is extensively practiced in- Deccan Plateau
14. Who introduced “doctrine of lapse”? Lord Dalhousie
15. The colour change in the Chameleon is due to the presence of ? Pneumatophore
16. The deficiency of iodine leads to- goitre
17. Two richest known sources of edible protein are? Soyabean & Ground nut
18. The saliva helps in the digestion of- Strach
19. The kulu valley is situated between- Lesser Himalayas & Siwalik
20. Terrace farming is done- on the slope of hills
21. A man inside an artificial satellite feels weightless because the force of attraction due to earth is- zero at that place
22. When a detergent is added to pure water its surface tension- decreases
23. “Super nova” is- an exploding star
24. The device that converts computer output for transmission over telephone lines is called _____? Modem
25. Heart attack occurs due to? Lack of supply of blood to the heart itself
26. Direct conversion of solar energy with the use of a photovoltaic cell with the use of a photovoltaic cell results in the production of- Optical energy
27. Which process is used for the production of biodiesel? Transesterification
28. One property of ammonia is- its aqueous solution turns red litmus blue
29. Biodegradable wastes can usually be converted into useful substances with the help of- Bacteria
30. Which one pollutes the air of a big city? Lead
31. A “bug” in a programme is a? error
32. Wood spirit is? Methyl alcohol
33. varahamihira is- atronomer
34. “Fire-fightingclothes” are made from – Asbestos
35. “Multinational” is- a company operating in several countries
36. Tummalapalli in Andhra Pradesh has in news for its largest – uranium deposite
37. UV light of sun’s radiation is prevented from reaching the earth’s atmosphere by- Ozone
38. Greater population can be supported on the earth only if we eat more – plant products
39. “Rath yatra” at puri is celebrated in honour of- Lord Jagannath
40. Gagan Narang is a famous:- air Rifle shooter
41. 5 permanent member of UN Security Council are:- USA, UK, France, Russia, China
42. Which City has the headquarters of two railway zones in India? Mumbai( central Railway & western Railway)
43. Density of population in India (as 2011 census)- 382
44. 1st Indian doubles win a Bronze medal in world badminton ship 2011 at London? Jwala Gutta & Aswini Ponnappa

45. Find out the correct match:-
(A) Asaf Khan  - Akbar
(B) adam Khan  - Akbar
(C) Bairam Khan – Akbar
(D) Shaista Khan  - Akbar
46. Match the following:-
Town                       River
(a) Jabalpur                             1. Ravi
(b) Paris                                  2. Narmada
(c) London                               3. Siene
(d) Lahore                               4. Thames

a          b          c          d
(A)       2         3          4          1
(B)       3          2          1          4
(C)       1          4          3          2
(D)       4          1          2          3

47. which one of the following are correctly matched?
Person         Events
1.  Sultan Mahmud                 sack of somnath
2. Mohammad Ghori              Conquest of Sind
3. Alauddin Khilji                      Revolt in Bengal
4. Mohammad Bin tughlaq     Chengiz Khan’s  invasion
(A) 1 & 3          (B) 2only        (C) 1 only        (D) 2 & 4
48. Find the odd one:- (A) Marble (B) Chalk (C) Limestone (D) Slaked Lime
49. in test tube baby phenomenon:-
50. Which does not come under the purview of the Election Commission? To conduct the election of PM of India.

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